Great Scene - Casino Royale (2006)

The Shower Scene

During a break in the high stakes poker game at the Casino Royale, James Bond and his companion Vesper Lynd are attacked in the stairwell by a pair of African terrorists/freedom fighters, one brandishing a machete. 772 more words

Eva Green

Manners Maketh A Genre

Spy movies are old hat. Well, least the slick James Bond ones are. Movies like Goldeneye have either been deconstructed by the Bourne movies (or even by more recent Bond flicks, to an extent) or lovingly lampooned by the likes of Chuck and Archer. 671 more words

Interview with Michael Chance, Actor in the Play 'The Man with the Golden Pen'

Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, Secret Agent 007, stands before the audience, Pink Gin in hand, a terrified look in his eyes…At 42 he is about to do the thing he most fears; he is getting married!

917 more words
Exclusive Interviews

The Most Interesting Responses to the Brainwashed James Bond Codename Theory

After posting the James Bond is a Codename, and Skyfall Proved It theory on the Fan Theories subreddit, /r/fantheories, a discussion with over 100 comments broke out over it.   1,084 more words

Fan Theory

Film Club Leaderboard: February

This months Film Club, and January’s for that matter, has brought with it some interesting views and a few interesting stats. For the first time in Film Club’s short history we have four films with the same rating, meaning that third and fourth place in the leaderboard are each shared by two films a piece. 642 more words


James Bond

Stuck in bed for two days with flu-like symptoms, I had a choice of watching Hogan’s Heroes or 007. Given I’d watched every Hogan’s Heroes… 565 more words

Wednesday Warriors

Foster as ... "Casino Royale" (2006)

There’s been over 40 years of James Bond and it took them this long…to create me; Really- Casino Royale? Not only was I Ian Flemming’s oldest and very first novel, but it’s funny really…I also happen to be one of their more recent, and most definitely their darkest film. 186 more words