Bond and Madeleine: a loveless love story?

This past Tuesday was Valentine’s Day. One of several 007 fans I follow on Twitter (@bond_azoozbond) published a poll asking who Bond loved more between Vesper Lynd, Tracy Di Vicenzo, or Madeleine Swann. 1,069 more words


Ian Fleming, Lisbon, and the WWII Espionage Game

Article by Larry Loftis

Nothing is what it seems.

Whether the subject is screenwriting, novel plotting, or espionage, the goal is the same—deception. As Hollywood scribe Robert McKee explains in his legendary book, STORY, “If the scene is about what the scene is about, you’re in deep sh*t.” 1,007 more words

Casino Royale

The man with the golden tongue: India’s master of Second World War espionage

Under the codename of Silver, Bhagat Ram Talwar spied for Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan and Italy in the space of five years during the Second World War, but author Mihir Bose uncovers how his true loyalties lay with Indian independence… 224 more words

The Muslim Times

The James Bond Project 2: The Secret Agent

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming (Jonathan Cape, London, 1953)

Reading Casino Royale some sixty-three years after it was first published, your first impression is  that it has not aged well.  2,443 more words


Known Good Geek Cast 50

Celebrating our 50th episode with celebrating other entertainment items that are turning 50. Tune in & listen!

Known Good Geekcast  50

Dr Doolittle

Jungle Book… 34 more words



‘Casino Royale’ is, without a doubt, my favourite Bond film. There are numerous reasons for this, from the refreshing purge of tired, misogynistic clichés, to the introduction of a humanised 007 and the wonder that is, of course, always Judi Dench’s M. 285 more words

Anything And Everything

'Casino Royale' Coming to TMC On Demand

Casino Royale‘ will be available to stream on the Movie Channel On Demand (TMC) from Friday, 17th February, 2017 until Thursday, 16th March, 2017.

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