Men in the Movies: Masculinity and Violence in Modern Cinema

By Beth McConnell The act of violence is a reoccurring theme in masculinity studies. The instance leads to a plethora of ideas surrounding this relation between the two. 2,791 more words


Product of Its Time

How have I not discussed books here since last December?!?!?! Let’s fix that right now.

In the past year I have read a series of books that I only got through (or at least past the 50 page mark) by reciting the mantra, “It is a product of its time.” Part of the reason I left my… 402 more words



The Daniel Craig Years, by Rich Paschall, Sunday Night Blog

After 20 James Bond films and 40 years, EON Productions finally had something that eluded them from the start.  1,000 more words


Sony passed on chance to buy MGM, WSJ says

Sony Pictures at one time passed on a chance to outright buy Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the home studio of James Bond, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The Journal doesn’t specify exactly when this occurred. 209 more words

James Bond Films

Bond in Review: Skyfall Part One

2012 was the 50th anniversary of Dr.No, and despite doubts for a time after “Quantum of Solace” (mainly due to company issues and not really reflecting the quality and box office of the movie itself, despite it’s mixed reception), a new Bond film was due to arrive as a celebration, like Die Another Day ten years prior. 950 more words

On this day in movie history: March 9th 2006

On March 9th 2006, the epic free-running crane scene from “Casino Royale” was filmed. 

By this point in the film we had already had Daniel Craig’s brutal black and white introduction to the role of 007 and a classic and memorable Bond song by Chris Cornell. 39 more words

On This Day In Movie History...


Look at any diagram of three-act-structure and you’ll find two main turning/plot points (Act One into Act Two/ Act Two into Act Three) and a midpoint. 1,076 more words