Casino Royale: the book. 6/10 so far

I am enjoying Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale in the Folio edition, a welcome Christmas gift. Bond certainly is a dated, post-war creation. But he does have magnificent attributes, many associated with his lifestyle. 178 more words


Ian Fleming’s Seven ‘Deadlier’ Sins: MORAL COWARDICE

Article Benjamin Welton

In Jules Dassin’s classic crime film Rififi, Louise (played by Janine Darcey) chides her husband, the gangster Jo le Suedois (played by Austrian actor Carl Möhner), for moral cowardice. 1,405 more words

Casino Royale


The songs of Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass band were often played in my home when I was a little girl.

The cover of the 1965 album “Whipped Cream & Other Delights” I thought was very risqué for my very conservative parents to own, even though my father had gone to college on a music scholarship and played in a jazz band.  109 more words

"Casino Royale" on BD (2006, Daniel Craig, Eva Green)

The James Bond series gets a fresh start with “Casino Royale.”  There is no Q, M is a woman (Judi Dench), the female lead (Eva Green) doesn’t have an outrageous name (e.g., Dr. 640 more words


Exclusive Interview with Espionage Author Christopher Moran

This week we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Christopher Moran in from the cold. He is the author of Classified: Secrecy and the State in Modern Britain… 1,111 more words

Exclusive Interviews