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Preparing For A Beautiful Passing With These Eco-Friendly Caskets

One of the most inevitable events all people from all walks of life will succumb to is death. It can be a peaceful or painful passing of a loved one that no other high-end medicine or medical facilities can put a stop with. 224 more words

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Shrouds for Burial and Cremation

The rule of simplicity, which works so well in life, works great in death also.

Which brings us to the shroud–one of the most significant items rising over the retail horizon of the 12-billion dollar funeral business. 141 more words


Driving School, Junior High Enrollment and 3 White Caskets

Welcome to my world…. I know it sounds like the weirdest title ever…but it is truly just a glimpse into my mind in a single week. 826 more words


Funeral homes- A relief to ease your pain and stress

When your beloved person has passed away, your whole world will be shackled. Nothing can be carried out at those hard times. The best option for the bereaved ones is to approach the funeral homes to render such great service of helping you to do the cremation arrangements for your departed ones. 247 more words

Facts About Coffins

When talking about coffins, individuals think of dead people. Since a coffin is used to conceal the body of a dead human, this is normal. As for kids, coffins are commonly seen in horror movies, which are commonly used to scare them. 204 more words


If You'd Like Some Anxiety...

Then concentrate on this quote until you can’t breathe.

Or ignore it and enjoy your life. You’re welcome.

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The Dali Trauma's Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Hello. This is the Dali Trauma speaking.

Depression sucks. Holiday depression isn’t much better, in fact, it’s worse. A lot worse. Depression laced with tinsel, stale candy canes, and the peppermint-flavored desperation of ceasing to find meaning in the day to day world. 717 more words