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The experienced funeral directors at Schlitzer Allen Pugh Funeral Home will guide you through the aspects of the funeral service with compassion, dignity and respect. For more information, Call: 1-570-622-7888. Visit: www.schlitzerallenpugh.com


What is a Burial Vault?

Funerals yield a lot of questions, especially in terms of funeral packages and what to purchase.

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Make Funeral home arrangements in Pottsville

We are here to help you to create a Unique Celebration of life for your loved ones in Pottsville.
We’ll carefully guide you through the many decisions that must be made during this challenging time at the funeral home. 16 more words

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Handmade Caskets To Express Your Passion In Life

Choosing your own coffin is an important task that you need to perform when preparing for your funeral or memorial service. While it is normal for your loved ones to mourn and be saddened by this event, this can also be viewed as a great celebration because this culminates your life cycle. 17 more words

Caskets for a Heartwarming Gesture for the Parted Souls

Looking for caskets to avail the best quality product? Then you will be confused in selecting the location where the best services that completely satisfies our needs are provided. 243 more words

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Indiana Funeral Care | Choosing a Casket for Your Loved One

Choosing a casket is entirely a matter of personal choice. The two main types of caskets sold for traditional funeral purposes are metal or wood. A metal casket may consist of Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel, and Standard Steel and those crafted out of a variety of wood materials may include Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Pine, Poplar and Veneer. 210 more words

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Pre-Arranged Funeral Arrangements in Pottsville

Schlitzer Allen Pugh funeral home offers quality and caring funeral service to assist you in making funeral service arrangements and also provide funeral flowers, the funeral directors from Pottsville. 6 more words

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