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This is a reference sheet for my Tentacor character, Casper. Tentacorns are a species I came up with.

Greater Boston Authentication Solutions, LLC v. Schneider Electric USA, Inc. (18-cv-10513) and Greater Boston Authentication Solutions, LLC v. Keysight Technologies (18-cv-10514).

Schneider Electric USA and Keysight Technologies were sued by Great Boston Authentication Solutions, LLC (“GBAS”).   In separate filings, GBAS accuses the two of infringing U.S. Patent Nos. 103 more words


Catharsis: 2.9

Previous Chapter:

AN: At this point, I’m not even gonna bother listing the various confounding factors that held back the update this time. Suffice to say that stuff happened, that I am sorry, and that you’ll be getting two updates this week again to make up for it. 2,198 more words



In this Brad Silberling-helmed comedy, Bill Pullman plays James Harvey, a ghost doctor hired by Carrigan Crittendon (Cathy Moriarty) to rid Whipstaff Manor of spirits so she can find a treasure trove rumored to be hidden there. 680 more words

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The A-Z of Horror: K is for Kids’ Stuff

Welcome to The A-Z of Horror – an alphabetical window into the horror genre. Over the course of 26 days, I’ll be taking a look at horror in all its facets and forms, offering up suggestions of what to watch, should you be in the mood for a real good scare. 399 more words


Half winning Saturday

First on the morning quick soccer 🥅 practice and then we again went to Casper for the final game. First out girls team played. They lost but still I think it was awesome that they got second place 🥈 in the state! 25 more words

Morning practice - morning tea ☕️

Friday was again a school free day! But it was just a school free, not free from practicing 🙄

My morning tea 🍵 right before soccer ⚽️ practice followed by play practice 🎭 followed by going to Casper for state basketball 🏀 25 more words