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Escapism: 3.3

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“I’m sorry, Father. She got away from us.” Marcus stared at the ground as he spoke, apparently unable to bring himself to look upon his father’s face. 2,308 more words

Casper's History Box Interview

All the italicized and gray texts are comments or notes by me/Di (mostly Di’s). Chinese to English translations by @i20viola, Korean to English translations by yours truly. 1,130 more words


Escapism: 3.2

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Casper awoke early on the first morning of his new life. The first rays of morning sunlight filtering in through the windows hit his eyelids, and he mumbled something unintelligible, turning over slightly as he dozed to better shield his eyes from the light. 2,171 more words

Woodworking contest 🔨

So Tuesday was my time to build stuff, our (not only my but also my friend Mat was competing in Cabinetmaking) contest started at 8-12 and from 13-17. 76 more words

SkillsUSA!! 🇺🇸

Sunday was a quick rest day after getting back from Greeley at about 3/4 o’clock.

Monday our Wyoming SkillsUSA state event started. Monday we went to Casper for me it was pretty chill day because my contest was next day. 129 more words

Talk to me, Baby

With the scaffolding for casper and casper-local in place, it’s time to give casper-voice the same treatment. Opening and closing the socket will be exactly the same for the voice client as it is for the command line client, so let’s start by moving that code to a new module… 1,125 more words