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Top 10 Best Halloween Movies For Kids

With the kids mid-term looming around the corner and the weather being it’s usual cold crappy miserable self. I’m going to list the top 10 Halloween movies for kids. 858 more words


Top Ten Halloween Movies

I am not a fan of scary things… at all. I intentionally avoid things I know will frighten me, so choosing a topic for this Halloween freebie was difficult. 106 more words

Top Ten Tuesday

16 scary movies that aren't so scary to marathon on Halloween

Some like to get sh#t scared on Halloween, while others prefer a softer, less skittish approach to the annual night of horrors.

For those who prefer the latter, why not invite a few friends over for a marathon of these 16 movies that won’t leave you quivering under your bed sheets for weeks: 128 more words


5 Halloween Throwback Films

With a week before Halloween we thought you’d like to be reminded of all of the childhood classics you need watch either as a cheer up tactic or procrastination from your time-consuming studies. 341 more words


5 Halloween Movies for the Fainthearted

Here’s a list of some fun for the whole family Halloween movies, grab a copy of these classics and enjoy setting the mood for Halloween.  My 5 go to movies that I never miss, in no particular order: 126 more words


Start an Autumnal Cleanse and Meditate Before Voting

Everything fitness, from must-try classes to new athleisure lines. 

Get hot and clean: Modo Yoga, a literal hot spot where the violinist from Arcade Fire plays, is offering an Ayurvedic autumn cleanse for everyone who’s already managed to give up on their summer bodies. 253 more words

Wellness Wednesday