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The Economics of a Bad Egg

“I want to know why you have permitted this abominable and unnatural traffic in slaves to grow up here, contrary to the ancient custom and usage of our dominions.” 123 more words


Chapter 6- The Cursed Man!

Days passed, and finally the moment Moon longed for had arrived. He couldn’t wait for a single second and there they came at last.

“Howdy my boy?”, welcomed Fred. 2,362 more words

Chapter 5-The Lucid Dreams!

“Earth? You are in the place where you ought to be, my child”, was the last thing Moon had heard from the disappeared man. He couldn’t look into the gleam as it was too bright but he dared to move towards it. 1,996 more words

RCMP allegations 'Most seriously damaging to public's trust to date': Bowman

WINNIPEG — Mayor Brian Bowman is calling for a public inquiry into the construction of the new Winnipeg police headquarters after court documents revealed RCMP allegations that former city CAO Phil Sheegl was paid $200,000 for helping Caspian Construction land the project. 266 more words


Chapter 3- The King's Vengeance

Just few centuries after humans had evolved from apes, this story began. People weren’t much civilized but, they were civilized enough to have a king. There lived one, whose courage made wonders, whose wisdom was infinite, whose handsomeness was unconditional. 939 more words

11pc Caspian Red Cal King Size Bedding Bed in a Bag Comforter Set

11pc Caspian Red Cal King Size Bedding Bed in a Bag Comforter Set Simply elegant. This brand new High quality 11 piece Caspian of “The Paramount Collection” Cal. 152 more words

Russian New Year Celebration: The Joy Of Caviar

Deep in the heart of Central Asia there is a vast body of water known as the Caspian Sea.  It is the world’s largest lake, within whose waters live strange-looking prehistoric fish that sometimes grow to the size of whales and whose eggs are rightly known as the king of foods and the food of kings. 959 more words

New Year's Eve