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Camper Full Of Animals - I Bought a Camper and Now I Live In It

So, I did it, I bought a camper, and now I live in it.

I’ve called her Enid. I was going to call her Valerie (after the name of the camper in a book I wrote when I was a teenager), but then I actually drove her; the alternator is lazy, you have to hammer on the doors before they deign to open and if I accelerate over fifty this little screaming sound comes from somewhere, like the van is dying inside. 573 more words


Gilan - green mountains and the Caspian Sea

29th of July 2017 ​(7 Mordad 1396), 35°C, clear sky and no wind. Arrived at Bandar Anzali around 6pm and, as I was unable to find a Couchsurfing host prior to my arrival, decided to try the Couchsurfing​ Hang Out 510 more words


Katatonia at Irving Plaza with Caspian and Uncured

Throughout April I was able to see roughly a show or two a week as the spring tours continued to crop up.  I know comparatively speaking this is a relatively small number for those that go to shows almost nightly.   597 more words


Russia's Caspian Problem: Weird News Update About the Workings of the World

Every day, there are millions of stories that don’t make the headlines, and don’t get written up in the papers, but that reflect the slow and grinding way the world really works. 1,000 more words

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Connecting with the Interweb

Hello. That’s Caspian. He’s a FURanha and lesser known as an Alaskan Klee Kai. Yes. That thought skipping through your mind of, “hey, he kind of looks like a small Husky,” wouldn’t be far off the mark and not to dull any intellectual property blades splitting hairs: yes. 287 more words