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Stealth camping and personal motives

Dangers when Stealth Camping

I think the number one danger is dogs. The kind that serve as pets. You think that you are far enough away from that farmhouse to elude notice but fido hears every rustle on your thermarest neo air pad and will be barking his head off all night long or until his owner gets sick of saying “It’s just a deer!” and decides to let him out for a sniff around. 69 more words


Sunstein, Griffin, and government's allies in the media

Your mother told you not to make fun of people, but sometimes they just ask for it. Cass Sunstein wants you to make fun of him. 1,015 more words


Intellectual dishonesty

What is intellectual dishonesty? It is not exactly the same as lying. Here are three forms of it.

  • Double ethical standard. In public discussion, the double standard often shows itself as a claim that I can do what I like, because I am in the right to begin with.
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Arbiters of Truth

As feds and Facebook join forces to rein in ‘fake news’ who will fact check the ‘fact-checkers’?

Facebook is the world’s most powerful social media platform, deemed by… 1,547 more words


What Does The Government Have To Do With New Year’s Resolutions?

Taylor Crane Rodrigues

This year millions of Canadians made New Year’s resolutions to better themselves. Some resolved to stop gambling or smoking. Others committed to lose weight, eat healthier, or save more money. 934 more words

Public Policy

Studying natural stupidity

Read the ‘New Yorker’ Review of Michael Lewis’ book on Kahneman and Tversky. The review by Sunstein and Thaler offered glimpses into the relationship between both the men than about the book by Michael Lewis – whether it is readable, worth reading, its strengths and weaknesses, etc. 178 more words

Human Mind

Choice Architecture

Martin Rowe

We’ve met this idea already in the vegan Prius that Toyota produced in 2004. The architecture of choice is fundamental to the society in which we live. 422 more words

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