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Premise Falsification, Social Change, How You Delay the Revolution and Tyranny

I have long believed that people say one thing and believe another. Every human being hides what they feel or believe about something, including myself. And we do it for many reasons. 69 more words

Public Health is Harder than Long Division

James Scott’s book, Seeing Like a State (1998) came up in this fascinating discussion of public policy, health systems, government, expertise, and legitimate political authority. The following is from a review of Scott’s book in The New Republic, May 18, 1998 (“More is Less”, by Cass R. 808 more words

Being Human

How To Counter Disinformation

How do you counter disinformation? You directly confront those bureaucrats who push censorship and government lies. Take, for example, Cass Sunstein, a legal scholar who has long pushed for a “reformulation” of the First Amendment. 64 more words

Media's Funhouse Mirror

Viral Takes

In times of pseudo-crisis, people’s true character—actually, usually their lack thereof—comes to the fore, so take a moment as you shelter in place, hide, cringe in a corner, whine, or merely enjoy your pets enjoying you enjoying a bit of time off and read on for the humorous, the absurd, and the political, which is actually pretty much all of the above. 1,213 more words


Economics for Hard Times, part 2

Following on from Part One, this Part 2 concludes the talk by looking at:

  • welfare for those in the bottom half of society (how it is best provided), and…
  • 5,681 more words


~ BTRATPCFTFT-WTI-IIETOTVAETCO-H-T-ACE-M-O-P ~ Both The Risk And The Promise Come From The Fact That – With The Internet – It Is Easy To Obtain The Views And Even The Collaboration Of – Hundreds – Thousands – And Conceivably Even – Millions – Of – People… 1,014 more words