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Seattle's Naviance Opt-Out Go Round

Unfortunately, what looked to be a simple step to empower parents, when implemented, morphed into a bureaucratic and technical barrier.

Much to the credit of Seattle Public Schools Board of Directors, an opt-out provision was included in the contract signed with Hobson to bring Naviance, a career and college online planning tool, into the district.

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The World According to Star Wars

Though I’m young, Star Wars was my childhood. I may not have watched it in theaters, but I remember watching Star Wars more vividly than even Disney. 150 more words

Book Review

Annul Trump's Presidency: What Would Jefferson Do?

If you are a regular reader, you already know we try to maintain some level of intellectual honesty here. Cute cats and some cartoons with mostly serious observations on our common situation in America. 6,068 more words


Factiness EU Style: A Dedicated Group of Like Minded People Carpet Bombs The European Parliament


Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well.

from A Clockwork Orange, written by Stanley Kubrick based on the novel by Anthony Burgess

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~ WPFTIGOL-MT-TAELTMT-E-TITPKA-GP ~ When People Find Themselves In Groups Of Like-Minded Types – They Are Especially Likely To Move To – Extremes – This Is The Phenomenon Known As – Group Polarization… 156 more words


Ted Talks: Saving Money and Saving Lives

For those of you who are interested in learning about Behavioral Economics, this is a great Ted Talk for an introduction of the topic. Cass Sunstein, a pioneer of behavioral economics and co-author of the infamous book Nudge, brilliantly outlines some of the most commonly used ideas in behavioral economics. 90 more words

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