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When "nudging" doesn't work to change patient behaviour

by Carolyn Thomas   ♥   @HeartSisters

CAROLYN’S WARNING: this article contains a C-word that drives many chronically ill patients stark raving bonkers. Continue reading only if you can stomach the word “COMPLIANT” 1,705 more words
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Choice architecture, neoliberalism and the politics of compliance

The point for neoliberalism is not to make a model that is more adequate to the real world, but to make the real world more adequate to its model… 4,014 more words


Response to Salon’s “Bring On The ‘Libertarian Paternalism’ Diet”

There comes a time in everyone’s lives where we see something so dumbfounding that we lose the ability to speak and may even potentially fall into a staring contest with the horizon. 606 more words


Protecting Our Space

According to a new survey, 20% of American college students now say it is acceptable to use physical force to stop a speaker from making “hurtful or offensive comments.”  Catherine Rampell, in… 694 more words

Higher Education

Why do I still keep those relatives on Facebook? Sunstein's Republic.com in the age of social media

In this post I talk about Cass Sunstein’s book, Republic.com, published in 2001, in the context of today’s world of Facebook and Twitter.

Today’s avid social media users will be no strangers to the phrases ‘echo chamber’ and ‘filter bubble’. 1,030 more words

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Richard Thaler & Cass Sunstein: Behavioural Economics

Arguably, behavioural economics is Richard Thaler’s baby. And an important baby it is too, being part of an essential late twentieth century trend. At last, economists – spurred on by psychologists and social scientists, stopped seeing people as ‘rational units of intelligent decision making’ and started seeing us as part rational and part irrational bundles of ideas, knowledge, feelings, desires and biases. 962 more words

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How effective is nudging?

Nudging, in this context, means social policy designed to encourage desirable behavior without restricting choice. A paper in the most recent Psychological Science looks at the effectiveness of nudging: 116 more words