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Tuesday Haiku: My Cat Just Saw My Other Cat

There’s someone outside.
Um. Run? Fight? Fight. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT –
Oh. Oh, wait. It’s you.

Cassandra Parkin

The Part You Throw Away: Toiletries Gift Set

From a distance, toiletries gift sets look like a totally logical gift choice. They’re about the right price. They come in pretty colours. They’re easy to wrap and when you’ve wrapped them, they look pleasing and substantial. 969 more words

Cassandra Parkin

The Last Day of the Month Book Club - New World Fairy Tales by Cassandra Parkin

Welcome to the first Last Day of the Month Book Club of 2016! I’ve been having a little think about how we can make it a much more interactive group and (with a little inspiration from the marvellous Emma Watson) am going to try using GoodReads as a discussion forum for each book and the questions we want to discuss. 422 more words

A Haiku about Tuesday

I wish that I was
Someone whose spaghetti fits
Neatly in the pan.

Cassandra Parkin

The Last Day of the Month Book Club - GoodReads

Hello all my Last Day of the Month Book Clubbers. We have had a think about how we could make the group more interactive, help the discussion flow, and make it as easy as possible for all to join in. 170 more words

The Last Day Of The Month Book Club

Great Moments In Retailing: Terrifying Headless Lady Wants Your Company, Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Hull

She wants you to join her behind the red curtain.
Perhaps if you become very good friends she will let you try on her spare arms.

Cassandra Parkin