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O'Reilly Webcast - Extending Cassandra for OLAP

Colleague Randy Guck, who leads our open source Doradus project, recent gave an O’Reilly Webcast on the project and using Doradus to extend Cassandra for high performance analytics. 120 more words


Cassandra Host outside of Spark Config

As mentioned at the cassandra spark connector help page, if you want to specify cassandra host and other related configurations, you need to use spark-default.conf or specify it while doing spark submit. 161 more words


Alternatives: civil chat

Anvard: Servant’s Hall

Minutes later

Cassandra is sitting at a table, stirring her uneaten soup.

Maire walks into the servant’s hall, pinching the bridge of her nose. 839 more words


Lanisen’s Quarters
This chamber is a little wedge-shaped room, completely unremarkable but very
clean. Its small, with room for a bed and a little table and a wardrobe, but… 6,354 more words


Let's get with it! Sexism and Gender Equality Mainstreaming in the Humanitarian Sector

  • A senior gender-based violence (GBV) advisor finds herself sitting in a Humanitarian Country Team meeting with the heads of UN agencies discussing how to program CERF funds.
  • 2,297 more words

Cassandra: it's a start

Anvard: Outer Ward

Cassandra enters the ward, speaking with Vinri.

Vinri is her typical, cheerful-as-ever self, pointing out various passersby to inform Cassandra of humorous tidbits from their lives. 1,250 more words

Cassandra Developer JumpStart

Okay, so you decided to start playing with Cassandra to get an idea of one of the most widely used big data databases!

In this post I will give a (hopwfully useful) walkthrough of how to get started with Cassandra and perform a few simple but important actions for any database environment: 447 more words

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