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How to Leverage Data Lakes

One of the promises of big data is to power the Artificial Intelligence revolution. One of the realities of big data is that it is big. 3,010 more words


Chapter 3 - Catching Cassandra



When a young woman is suspected of a truly horrific crime, it is up to Criminal Psychologist Dr. Ashlyn Veda of the Special Investigations Unit of the Austin PD to figure out why.

La Fée

Catching Cassandra

An introduction

Hello, my name is Cassandra, and I’m eleven years old… but also not as well. I’m Bekka’s mindmate. Other people label our situation as a disorder: Dissociative Identity Disorder, but even with all of the troubles we have, I think our situation is a blessing because, together seven of us live a life. 1,149 more words


Designing Storage for MongoDB, Spark, MySQL, and Cassandra - Pavilion Data Briefing Note

Modern applications like MongoDB, Spark, MySQL, and Cassandra are disrupting traditional storage architectures. To keep storage costs down and performance high these applications use direct attached PCIe flash storage. 700 more words


Cassandra, Found in Translation @ Blue Elephant Theatre

Directed by Ollie Harrington
Written and Produced by Rose Goodbody
12th-16th June, 2018

Cassandra has always been one of my favourite figures in Ancient Greek myth. 963 more words

[Poem] Sad little mantis Cassandra

The mantis sings

But no one hears

For the mantis sings alone

The μάντις is mad, they say



μᾰ́ντῐς (mántis) m (genitive… 17 more words

Seek Deep Within The Heart of Thyself

Seek deep within the heart of thyself

Scour out the chambers of your secret self

Unto delusions refuse to cling

Find thy suppressed wellspring

That clandestine mantic root… 93 more words