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The Lost Prince (part 16)


Okay, so I didn’t exactly cover myself in glory during the duel. Combat’s not really my best thing. I wasn’t one of these pampered princes, with someone putting a sword in my hand as soon as I could walk. 223 more words



NoSQL is a popular buzzword these days. Let’s demystify it and discuss why your engineer might be talking about using a NoSQL database.

WTF is SQL? 2,982 more words

The Lost Prince (part 15)

I must admit, even I was beginning to wonder if the other shoe was ever going to drop. But when it did, it was not alone. 356 more words


The Lost Prince (part 14)


I can’t believe it. Or rather, I wish I couldn’t. Of all the selfish bullshit to pull. It’s like he was trying to bring disaster down on our heads. 301 more words


The Lost Prince (part 13)

So here we are, fleeing across the waves as fast as the wind will carry us. Her husband must have returned by now to find his bed empty, but I don’t know it that was days or weeks after we left. 249 more words


The Lost Prince (part 12)

The thing about beautiful women is, they never tire of hearing about it. But they hear it a lot, so the trick is to tell them how beautiful they are, … 251 more words