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Another Relational vs. NoSQL Kinda Day

I came across this article on schema/data modelling in Cassandra vs. a traditional SQL counterpart. In my current job, we have an input stream that comprises of several files through the day that each contain the same structured data. 193 more words


Find cassandra version

SELECT release_version from system.local;

unconfigured table sc hema_keyspaces cassandra

The issue you are having here, is that you are using docs to explore Cassandra that are for version 2.0 and 2.1. My guess is that you are probably using Cassandra 3.0. 26 more words

[Art] Custom Cassandra POP

This is a custom of Cassandra from Dragon Age, the base used was “Jean Girard” from Talladega Nights. (I have no idea who he is, never seen that movie, but it was on clearance so I bought it for custom bait!) She does not have a lot of customization done, I added her armor and tabard, and some to her hair. 63 more words