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Modeling Cassandra

create keyspace purge with replication = {‘class’ : ‘SimpleStrategy’, ‘replication_factor’ : 2};
use purge;

create table purge_url (item_id ascii primary key, requested_url set<ascii>); 121 more words


Cassandra Installation and Set Config file

Download Cassandra
curl -L http://downloads.datastax.com/community/dsc-cassandra-2.1.8-bin.tar.gz | tar xz

Commit Log Archival
vi commitlog_archiving.properties
archive_command = /bin/ln %path /data01/backup/%name
resotre_command = cp -f %from %to

Replication Strategy… 115 more words


Martha Michelle, Whistle-blower and Cassandra

“Watergate is an immensely complicated scandal with a cast of characters as varied as a Tolstoy novel.”

-Bob Woodward, Journalist, Washington Post

Just like we have Vyapam, Coalgate and Bofors scam,US too had a big political scandal called Watergate. 385 more words

Understanding the Impact of Cassandra Compact Storage

“At Librato, our primary data store for time-series metrics is Apache Cassandra built using a custom schema we’ve developed over time. We’ve written and presented… 165 more words


How to rename/modify Cassandra Cluster Name ?

How to rename/modify Cassandra Cluster Name ?

Sometimes it happens that you might have to change the name of the Cassandra Cluster , but not sure how to do that . 242 more words


Doomed Cassandra

Doomed Cassandra (100 Words)

Prometheus and Loki were not for you – Cassandra was your model.

They knew this when your punishment they drew.

They dumped you in the world, a billion vivid ideas racing through your head. 64 more words


Cassandra- Clustering with 4 nodes , 2 seeds and a single data center

Clustering in a single data center

Taken nodes: (seed) (seed)

In each node we need to create data directories and log directories by doing like this… 392 more words