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Year 2 week 36

3rd – 9th September 2017

I went to see a friend this week and while I was there we had a conversation about how she used to talk to her son almost every night. 253 more words

Weight Loss

New Release: unexpected bowtie - liberal exodus

Today we announce the latest Cow Tongue Taco release: ‘liberal exodus’ from Glaswegian chip-botherer unexpected bowtie.

The 10 track LP is unexpected bowtie’s sixth full-length album, and the blend of Game Boy and traditional electronica is a more mature follow on from 2016’s… 64 more words


Weevil by Weevil

Remastered and digitally released for the first time in its entirety on 3 May 2015, the Weevil tape was recorded in 2009 and circulated amongst friends and peers before being buried on the back end of the Myspace era. 44 more words


《90ş M¡xtape l♡ve C•nfessi•ns》

we made mix tapes of
for each other
Record pushed after DJ
Praying that our love
be heard between the lyrical
of every song


Stereo dreams

When I was ten years old, Mama bought me a stereo for Christmas.  It was creamy white with a detachable speaker on each side, and it sported a radio, dual cassette decks, and a phonograph that could only occasionally be coerced into working. 1,090 more words


Mix Tape

Music is everywhere, never more so than in my drawings. There’s something about tapes that I always liked, maybe it’s the fold out lyrics/liner notes of an album, or just the blank ones where you recorded on them and gave them out as mix-tapes, an audio buffet for your friends or even for yourself. 6 more words


My first story

When I was about five years old, I finished my first story. Cassette players were in abundance and my family owned quite a few cassette stories and picture books – the kind where you read along with the tape and it indicates with a noise when to turn the page. 418 more words