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Finished Cassette Tape

It turns out drawing the familiar cassette tape is more difficult than first thought. I put it down to how symmetrical it actually is meaning there’s no margin for error. 17 more words


FFO Friday - The Extra F is for FINALLY

The Cassette Tape Vest is DONE!  

Click the link above for all the details on Ravelry!  The pattern is from Plymouth, #2691 Women’s 2 Piece Vest.   435 more words



It’s back to the cassette tape grind.

I’m not thinking about how large and cumbersome it’s gotten.

I’m not thinking about how the tightly crammed stitches are difficult to maneuver around the 47″ inch cord. 48 more words


Peripherals Behind The Iron Curtain

The article Home Computers Behind the Iron Curtain sparked a lot of interest, which made me very happy. Therefore, I decided to introduce more computer curiosities from the Iron Curtain period, especially from the former Czechoslovakia (CSSR). 2,497 more words

Classic Hacks

FO Friday - Throwback Hat

After a two week hiatus, I have an actual Friday FO!  The whole cassette tape knitting has become a bit of an obsession.

This is the product of all that Armenian knitting I’ve been doing! 174 more words


Music - the Background to my Life

Remember when you were in high school and you had new music to listen to? Cut open the plastic around the cassette tape or vinyl album and turn on the stereo. 213 more words