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for the student who is considering suicide: from a teacher who cares

Have you heard of cassette tapes?

They were these plastic rectangle things that went into another really big plastic rectangle called a boom box. Then when you pressed the play button on the boom box, the cassette tapes played whatever was recorded on them. 919 more words


Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes collaborates with Nelly Furtado on "Hadron Collider" -- listen

Dev Hynes hosted a pair of star-studded benefit shows at the Apollo Theater last month, during which the producer/songwriter behind Blood Orange performed with the likes of… 100 more words

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Episode 6: VHS Box Art!

A panagurggle hack-job of turn-of-the-century German cabaret.

Rob & Buddy skip hand in hand down memory lane to a simpler time when walls of gory, shocking, horrifying artwork would loom over them every time they went to the video store. 18 more words

Big Human Dead