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UJTU: Crafts, Concert, Kids, and Cats (Plus Pizza)

At some point in the past, one of the members of the typosphere coined the acronym UTJU: Update Just To Update. Sometimes you don’t have profound thoughts or an important topic on which to enlighten folks, but here you are anyway. 1,278 more words


Crash Theory

The kittens are eight months old today! Getting all grown up, but still very much kittens in all sorts of ways. They both do a lot of knocking things to the floor and breaking them, for one, though their methods are very different. 206 more words


Finding YOUR Henna

So we’ve all been there; every time we dye our hair we promise ourselves this will be the new me, my ‘forever colour’ and then 6 weeks down the line your hair is dried out and faded, roots are coming through and your looking for the ‘new you’ again; the new colour on the market that promises to redefine you, sort the condition of your hair out, bring you ever lasting shine and protection……. 980 more words



The Sonoma

The Sonoma showcase a nature-based lifestyle that is hard to find in the city. It is a 50-hectare terrain filled with lush greenery with clean, fresh air, lower levels of pollution, traffic and noise, and a landscape that is just as vibrant as the metro, Sta. 292 more words


The weekender's guide to Phuket

(Source: www.timeout.com)

Cassia Phuket

Think of Phuket and luxurious villas with overbearingly polite staff come to mind. If you’re looking for a beach holiday that’s less stuffy but still charmingly pleasant, stay at the fuss-free… 155 more words


Winner of ETA UpperCuts $100 Cassia voucher

With special thanks to ETA UpperCuts #OpenUpInteresting I am pleased to announce the winner for the Cassia $100 voucher giveaway. Cassia won Metro’s Best Restaurant 2016 and Chef Sid Sahrawat is considered one of our most innovative and inspiring chefs, recently taking the title of Cuisine’s Chef of the Year. 45 more words


Cassia @ Capella Hotel

When someone thinks of Capella hotel, they would think of it as a 6 star hotel with expensive and maybe not as good food. Climbing up the staircase to this very posh looking restaurant had me feeling like it was going to be a very expensive meal. 254 more words