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A close relation to Cinnamon, Cassia has a strong, spicy aroma that can be used in small quantities to transform any essential oil blend. Cassia has been used for thousands of years to maintain physical healthy* and promote emotional well-being.* It’s one of the few essential oils mentioned in the Old Testament, noted for its unmistakable fragrance and calming properties. 317 more words

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CASSIA (Ellabigboobs)

Nombre / Alias: Cassia / Ellabigboobs
Nacida en: Lituania (1992)
Talla: 34KK (Naturales)
Categoría: Modelo / Webcamer
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Cassia @ Capella

When someone thinks of Capella hotel, they would think of it as a 6 star hotel with expensive and maybe not as good food. Climbing up the staircase to this very posh looking restaurant had me feeling like it was going to be a very expensive meal. 255 more words


Cinnamon Cassia Essential Oil. 10 ml. 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade.

A close relative of true cinnamon, cassia essential oil has a spicy scent which is reminiscent of winter holidays. Scent some homemade pine cone potpourri with cassia, sweet orange, and coriander essential oils. 57 more words

Natural Sieves 4: Pink Shower

Native to the tropical regions, the semi-deciduous Pink Shower tree can grow up to 30 meters tall.

Family: Fabaceae

Common Name: Pink Shower Tree

Binomial Name: … 240 more words


They Always Return

Sagebrush has a way of knowing when someone needs it.

It has a way of knowing one of its own is returning home.


Thunder crashed as lightning streaked through the dark sky. 954 more words