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Natural Sieves 3: Golden Shower

Commonly known as the Amaltas, the Golden Shower is the national flower of Thailand and the state flower of Kerala (India)!

Family: Fabaceae

Common Name: 299 more words


Essential Oils Studied For Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Anti-Inflammatory means an agent that alleviates inflammation.

Basil Essential Oil
Basil is cooling to the skin, and can be used to soothe minor irritations. When diffused, Basil helps promote clear breathing, and healthy respiratory function while sharpening focus, and lessening stress. 516 more words

The Did You Know Guy

New Band: Cassia

At long last, a band that are injecting just as much fun as those early Vampire Weekend records. Cassia is the name of the band, and being an absolute pleasure to listen to is their game. 199 more words

New Music

Sketch Book

A compilation of pencil and charcoal sketches

My wonderfully talented sister

A snapshot of happiness


Rail Card Paintings

A Series of acrylic paintings done on rail cards

lac d’annecy

Sacre coeur

Le Chateau Des Reaux

Ben Nevis

No. 33


Cassia Obovata Treatment for Healthy Hair

Probably won’t ever do this treatment ever again because it smelt so bad but I did feel a difference in my hair once I was done. 12 more words