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Injured University: Class of 2016

Injured University: Class of 2016….

Many US gymnasts always injured during their elite careers are joining the College ranks this year. Almost Makes me want to follow it. 124 more words

Day late. Dollar short

Hours and sometimes days after everyone else I find out the news and report it here so lets start with the one I saw coming a mile away. 744 more words


Cassie Whitcomb is one of our lovelier gymnasts. The 17 year old, who trains with Mary Lou Tracy at Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy, has been an elite gymnast since2006, when she qualified as a juinor. 810 more words


Cassie Whitcomb and her mom don't want you to be her fan


Visit gymnastike.org sucks big time for not letting me embed for more Videos

A little birdy told me that Cindy Whitcomb has recently forced facebook to close two different fan pages dedicated to Cassie. 263 more words

enough already, mary lee

apparently Cassie Whitcomb, whom I quite liked, has a broken leg. Or its a sprain. All is unclear.

Either way. MLT should probably stop breaking people. 66 more words


Who is on your world team?

Rebecca Bross is a lock. Bridget Sloan is a ?. Mattie Larson had a great Nationals but she is usually inconsistent. So my question for you is who would you choose? 290 more words

US Classic

First thing first, Tasha and Tim should never work again. Ever. It was just too awkward and painful to watch. Plus what was up with him calling her out on not remembering Elise Ray when she did. 551 more words