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Australia: The Wildest Zoo

Now as we all may know Australia for, the place is filled with kangaroos, alligators, and vegemite. Along with a friendly slap on the back and the occasion “G’day, mate” being said to each other, Australia is absolutely delightful. 526 more words


Look Around The Bend

A painted sign of a Southern Cassowary telling you to keep yours eyes out when driving around the bends and if you do see a Southern Cassowary is to slow down.


Gunduy (Southern Cassowary)

Cassowaries are responsible for the distribution and germination of many North Queensland rainforest plants. Some of the seeds that they eat are too big for other fruit eating animals so cassowaries are vital for maintaining the diversity of plant life in the rainforest. 45 more words

The World's Most Terrifying Animal You've Never Heard Of

The Stuff of Nightmares

The next time a nightmare rips you from a peaceful slumber and leaves you drenched in cold sweat, sitting up in bed, wild-eyed and gasping for breath, something about it will be different. 1,044 more words


This week I have finally got stuck back into the Cassowary I started months ago.  I know I have been slack, it’s been staring at me since before Xmas, but I made a point of getting back into it on the weekend and I must say I am so happy that I did.   394 more words


9 Amazing Birds That You Should Know!

Birds are fascinating creatures with the gift that has both inspired and baffled humans since ages and finally inspired the Wright brothers enough to change the course of history! 749 more words


Camper-vaning, Port Douglas, Hartley's Crocodile Farm and Ellis Beach, Queensland, Australia (3)

We were escorted from the Daintree Rainforest predictably by the heaviest enslaught of rain. This eased in time for a Cassowary to be crossing the road ahead of us. 609 more words