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All things rare and extraordinary

As I was reading my last blog again and thinking over what I’d written -we all need a little self-reflection every now and again… – I started to realize that that’s just the way I am. 439 more words


Cultural “Foot” Notes

Folks often focus on the plumage of our feathered friends, overlooking their feet. However, besides serving an array of specialized functions, these structures have significantly impacted the history of human language, folklore, and, yes, even cuisine. 1,011 more words


Students make connections to cassowaries through experiential learning

Caroline Gilmore, the Richmond Down Under marketing intern, writes:

On the North Queensland program our guides led us through different habitats and ecosystems, teaching us about the land they knew so much about. 224 more words

Field Notes

Fourteen Hours to Paradise

That song became our theme song for the entire twenty-one day trip to the one and only country that is also a continent. A little background on how this trip came about and a forewaring: I was nominated to be a People to People Student Ambassador for our country to travel to another country to learn more about them.   671 more words


Winter at the Staten Island Zoo

It is always a treat to introduce friends to the fun at the always terrific Staten Island Zoo. Along with the terrific zoo collection, we got to meet up-close and personal, a young ground hornbill, Gregory the fennec fox, Foster the kangaroo, the now grown arctic foxes and of course, the popcorn smelling adorable, young binturong.  23 more words


The Cassowary; My New Favorite Bird

The Cassowary; found in New Guinea, nearby islands and Australia. They are classed as one of the most dangerous and deadly birds! 244 more words



This has been annoying me quite a lot lately.

And I know I said that one of my resolutions is to be nicer to my sister… 371 more words