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Jurassic Park

Something’s moving in the bush. There is no sound whatsoever, but I can definitely see the plants right in front of me moving. Maybe not that much. 596 more words


Up Close and Personal

Sabi ko bukas ko na lang ito ipo-post. Pero dahil sinipag ako bigla at dahil baka tamarin na ako bukas kaya ngayon na lang (pero tinatamad pa rin akong mag-type). 311 more words

Travel And Events

How People Trick You Into Failing.

It’s funny how some people’s initial reaction to a person achieving a personal goal or doing something fun is to comment on how that person has “too much spare time”. 560 more words

The Southern Cassowary

For most bird enthusiasts the Southern Cassowary is something that you read about in the National Geographic or catch a glimpse of in a few good zoos. 1,064 more words


Prehistoric Chickens and Strangulation.


We woke up early today for our trip to Cape Tribulation. We we’re up too early for the free pancakes, so we made our own breakfast this morning, like peasants. 1,415 more words

All things rare and extraordinary

As I was reading my last blog again and thinking over what I’d written -we all need a little self-reflection every now and again… – I started to realize that that’s just the way I am. 439 more words