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Uh oh, google often makes us more productive...but sometimes less.

This is not a good thing for my increasingly long list of fun things to do while procrastinating.

So far I’ve learned that a 100-count string of Christmas lights uses 40 watts while a 70 count of 5 mm Wide Angle LEDs is approximately 4.8 watts total, that you can freeze shredded cheddar cheese, that the word “Chai” comes from the Persian  70 more words


Perhaps, you have not heard of me which is, of course, absurd
Since I’m the second HEAVIEST and the third TALLEST bird
Which has not, yet, become extinct . 247 more words

Dear Janie And Camryn

When I was a Baby

Script Extracts

“When I was a baby my Mekeo grandmother, or bubu, from Papua New Guinea, would rock me in her arms and tell me stories.   119 more words


Where the rainforest meets the reef

The roads hug the coast in Douglas Shire, steep rocky cliffs running along sandy beaches, like a tropical Great Ocean Road. Turning away from the ocean here you do not see mountain ash and tree ferns, but dense green walls of sugar cane, neatly clipped and standing to attention like a sailor’s crew cut. 820 more words


Casualties of the Jurassic Park Franchise

It’s 1993. 15-year-old me walks through a suburban Sainsbury’s supermarket, eyeing the lacklustre selection of paperbacks: A Jilly Cooper novel; a biography of Ian Botham; … Something with a dinosaur on the cover?! 1,596 more words

Dinosaur Discussion