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Southern Cassowary

A southern Cassowary, kind of looks like Kevin from Up

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AusieLife: Noah Beach camping adventures

We made it!! As far up the east coast as our little 2 wheel drive van would take us, literally making it to the end of the road. 655 more words


Let's not forget how cool dinosaurs probably looked

We know a little bit about how dinosaurs probably looked: we’re learning that a lot of them had feathers, and even beginning to be able to figure out what patterns might have been on their plumage. 291 more words


Finding Nemo at the Great Barrier Reef

We have made it! Cairns is the final destination on the east coast, before my brother Robert flies back home. It’s been an amazing three weeks; we’ve seen and done so much that it feels like they’ve flown by as well as taken ages at the same time. 2,139 more words


Port Douglas and the Daintree

Yesterday, I traveled to Port Douglas from Cairns.Port Douglas is a small town,but incredibly pretty, especially when compared to Cairns. I walked around the small high street and checked out St Mary by the Sea, a little church with a spectacular view over the sea. 244 more words


Roadtrip 1/5 - on the road

ma 25 juli

Na een tijdje weg te zijn,… Nee, het was eigenlijk best wel langer dan een tijdje… Het spijt me! In ieder geval, ik ben er weer met nieuwe verhalen! 401 more words


I have a theory

I have been watching the Bachelorette, and have noticed some things. This is unusual. I watch the Bachelorette to not notice things, because every episode, of every season, is comfortingly the same. 896 more words