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Cassowary Spotting, Park Run and Farewell Australia


Before Australia, I’d never heard of a cassowary. They’re a very rare bird, almost extinct, and the few left will be found in the Daintree rainforest. 586 more words


A Daintree Day

Cairns was a brilliant starting point when it came to exploring the Daintree Rainforest area of Australia, and with just one day we managed to see a lot. 1,167 more words



A silly drawing of mine from 10 years ago. The angry bird is a cassowary, a large flightless bird native to Australia. Although cassowaries are flightless, they are by no means defenceless. 46 more words


Cassowary Crossing

What a sight to see!

We were driving through the Daintree, North Australia and going through a long to-do-list when suddenly we were stopped by a group of people on the bridge. 248 more words

The Flight of the Cassowary

When I was getting ready for this holiday, a workmate asked me to take a “pet” and take photos of it on my travels.

I rescued Cassie the Cassowary from a shop in the Cairns airport in 2011 as I was leaving north Queensland after working in community recovery following Tropical Cyclone Yasi. 80 more words


Hand Crafted Cassowary

This hand crafted Cassowary made by Danielle Wilson, from the Cassowary Coast,
could be yours, if you select it in the project rewards for Magic Fish Dreaming. 6 more words


Beastly Children, or We Need To Talk About Kevins

Tis a fool who marries a witch.

Tis a great fool who marries a witch prone to jealousy.

Tis a monumental fool who marries a witch prone to jealousy and then proceeds to pursue extra-marital affairs. 1,692 more words

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