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Rain drapes everything
In a veil of wistful longing,
A yearning for something lost
Many moons ago,

About the same time
Solitude became more
Pleasing than company, 54 more words


Swiss Army Man (2016)

After a while it feels like, in film, all the big themes and questions have already been wrestled with in the collection of movies I’ve seen since the time I started paying attention to them; and at a certain point the motivation to watch more and continue hunting is to find that new and interesting approach to those questions, rather than an attempt to raise more. 1,613 more words


Does this make sense?

Who doesn’t fantasize at least a couple of times a year about running ashore on a desert island? Sometimes in a romantic way, but in my case it’s usually all about the worst-case scenario’s and how I would handle it. 820 more words


The Two Second Lesson

Remember the movie Cast Away (2000) with Tom Hanks? It was a bit of snoozer because for a large portion of the film Tom’s character, Chuck, is alone on an island. 361 more words

Side Stuff

Episode 5: Cast Away

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This is the story of Charles Barnard, a real-life Robinson Crusoe who spent nearly two years marooned in one of the most forbidding and desolate landscapes on Earth: the Falkland Islands, far south in the Atlantic, near Antarctica. 218 more words


The Rewind-Cast Away (2000)

Cast Away (2000)

Genre: Adventure, Drama

Director:Robert Zemeckis

Starring: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt

For a long time I thought Cast Away was this great movie that you watch only once.  195 more words


Cast Away...

The first step in starting a grand adventure is to set yourself free. Cast off into the great unknown and discover who you want to be. 17 more words