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“You look lost.”
“I do?”
“Where you headed?”
“Well, I was just about to figure that out.”

I remember in that movie Cast Away, at the end when Tom Hanks’ character should be happy because he has escaped the island, but he’s not because the woman of his dreams has made her choice, and he isn’t it. 426 more words


Das Leben in einer Postkarte - Fiji

Irgendwo mitten im Pazifik lebt ein Volk auf viele viele Inseln verteilt, mit Sandstränden, tropischen Wäldern, Felsen und Bergen, unzähligen Palmen und exotischen Tieren. Bula! Das heißt “Hallo” in Fiji und so gut wie jeder am Strand, in Restaurants und auf der Straße begegnet einem mit diesem Gruß und einem breiten Grinsen. 623 more words


Cast Away.

I try

Not to blame the sky

Whose words were small enough,

To slip through your pores

And sink like hooks.

The warning signs were there, 60 more words

Am Writing

The scene that nearly ruined Cast Away

Cast Away (2000) is a film about a relatively fat, engaged man who ends up stranded on a remote tropical island, makes friends with a volleyball, loses a lot of weight, and finally makes his way home on a raft only to discover that he’s no longer engaged, and in addition is no longer friends with a volleyball. 1,162 more words


10 Movies to Cure Your Wanderlust

So, you want to travel the world forever? Think it could be a dream? Can’t be happy at home or concentrate at work because you’re too busy picturing magical places to visit? 551 more words


Five Most Iconic Moments in Five Tom Hanks Movies (Infographic)

Five Frames features the best in cinema, showcasing five iconic images of an actor, actress, or director in their most acclaimed and famous films. These are the scenes that captured our imaginations and have endured as timeless. 14 more words

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