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21 grams: how a leather ball can explain the mystery of the soul

We all remember Chuck Noland’s leather-faced friend Wilson in the 2000 cinematic blockbuster Cast Away starring Tom Hanks. Washed up on a desert island, Noland roams his way desperately across the beach in search of survival tools and food. 687 more words

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Best Movies of the 2000's

So I’ve been a cinephile for a long time and I was thinking to myself, “what are my favorite movies from the years?”. I went through some lists and I decided to pick my favorite movie from the year 2000 to 2009. 510 more words


A Life in Exile: Surviving the Day with These Five Favorite Foods

If you’re being exiled to a private island and your captors will only supply you with five foods, what would you request?

I thought it would be easy to pick five foods I’d want from my captors. 337 more words


Tom Hanks, Happy Birthday

Tom Hanks has had an incredible acting career. Today he turned 60 and he does not appear to be slowing down.   I am sure that he has many more great years and great movies ahead.   73 more words


2016 Summer Movie Review: Swiss Army Man

I have been waiting for a movie like this for years! Something that is not based on a book or television show. Something that is not a remake, a reboot, or a sequel. 506 more words


The Shallows Vs. The Martian - When Is A Thematically Relevant Backstory Unnecessary?

Spoiler alert for The Shallows, The Martian, Gravity, & Cast Away

Steven Spielberg once said that in the best movies someone “loses control and then somehow has to regain it.” Isn’t it funny, though, how in certain movies the character has some definitive past trauma which dramatically informs their attempts to regain control? 1,922 more words

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Hello loves.

This week has been a rough one for me. In a word, I have become “stuck.” I’m stuck in the place where I am at now, and it is not a good place for me or my family. 434 more words