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Actor Spotlight: Sean Perry

Sean Perry bravely takes on the role of Michael, our unassuming, “smoking naked cigarettes against a brick wall” jazzer. Our playwright describes Michael as “quiet but not sullen, soft but not withdrawn, perhaps a little self-pitying.” Sean captures a perfect essence for Michael, tapping into that youthful insecurity that causes us to withdraw from even those closest to us. 105 more words

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BoA Kwon and Derek Hough Today - Four Years Later

Four years ago, Make Your Move fans (originally Cobu 3D fans) viewed the story of Aya and Donny, two twenty-somethings who fell in love despite their divergents backgrounds and the opposition from their families. 1,022 more words

Derek Hough

Actor Spotlight: Brittany Daley

Brittany Daley brings a breath of fresh air to the stage. A North Shore teaching artist, Brittany often shares her love of theatre with children. This time, she brings her infectious hilarity to the Little Dinos stage as Sheena, the young, messy, good time, 20 something who maybe wasn’t quite invited to the party. 139 more words

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Actor Spotlight: Kevin Barry Crowley

In the role of Elliot, we are proud to welcome Kevin Barry Crowley, who joins Little Dinos Productions as a fellow actor-educator. Kevin runs the prestigious Penguin Hall theater program in Wenham, MA, and brings an incomparable level of realism to the stage. 170 more words

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Actor Spotlight: Lauren Hall

“A play like Kings is a rare gift, and grateful for the chance to tell this story.” – Lauren Hall

We are thrilled to welcome the immensely talented… 122 more words

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Outlander T3: Extras del DVD

Agrupamos en un post los contenidos que han salido y van saliendo del DVD para que quien quiera verlos no se los pierda en la marea de tuits. 3,590 more words


Como muchos sabéis, tenemos un pequeño mapa en Google donde recopilamos las localizaciones de Outlander. Por si algún día vamos todas a Escocia y eso ;) Así que hemos pensado que sería buena idea recopilar en un post la información de rodaje que va saliendo sobre la cuarta temporada. 6,672 more words

Outlander (Starz, TV Show)