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Charlie BS - Producing the Movie

This is Charlie BS’s first time working on a movie. She works closely with Gabby and Paula, helping out with the screenplay, adding in ideas, and doing some of the editing!

Cast & Crew

The girl behind the camera - more about Paula J!

This is also Paula’s first ever time working on a film. Paula contributed to the screenplay, but her main job is doing all the filming. The tripod is her best friend. 49 more words

Cast & Crew

Meet the director!

Hi guys, as you may know the person behind this blog site is also the director for the upcoming short film Gabby F.

I’m very excited to share this movie with you all and hope you love it as much as I do. 82 more words

Cast & Crew

Meet the girl behind Alison!

Alison is being played by the wonderful and talented Megan C. This is her first ever acting job! Click the links below for an exclusive interview with the actor herself, to find out more about her and her character!

About The Film

Cast & Crew




Script Writer/Editor


Technical Director/ Audio Recording Head


Sound Director/Web Design


Research Head/ Documentation… 14 more words

Cast & Crew

Filming the office scene - BTS Pics/Video!

Today we filmed the office scene where Alison receives the news that will change her life forever. We didn’t have much time to shoot it in – about a half hour – so we worked quickly, and productively! 68 more words

About The Film

Cast & Crew

Director: Gabby F

Camera Crew: Paula J

Sound Tech: Amy P, Paula J, Gabby F, Charlie BS

Screenplay: Gabby F, Charlie BS, Paula J

Actors:  86 more words

About The Film