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Cast On: Terribly Simple

After finishing Nangou I had a TON of the contrast color left over. I couldn’t bring myself to put it back in stash. At first it wanted to be socks and then it wanted to be a cowl and now I think it wants to be a shawl. 89 more words


Cast On: Antimuon Vanilla Socks

With my Nangou almost done I started scheming for my next project. (Let’s forget the box of WIPs hibernating in the basement and the two pair of socks I already have on the needles.) I dug through my stash with glee and pulled a shiny skein of self striping. 99 more words


Learn to Knit

My girlfriend is a knitter. Like, a huge knitter. She makes money off it, she has constant requests from people to knit them strange shit, and she gets shockingly excited about needle sets. 407 more words


How to Cast On

Casting on (knitting)

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Long Tail Cast On

You need

  • Yarn
  • Needle
  • hands

In knitting, casting on is a family of techniques for adding new stitches that do not depend on earlier stitches, i.e., stitches having an independent lower edge. 190 more words


When your project is so off season

You know the feeling when the spring sun starts to warm, all pastel colors start feeling suddenly oh so right … and you’re still finishing the sleeves of your warm, cozy, chunky cardigan. 78 more words

Cast On: Nicole's Christmas Socks Take Two

I am still working on the first pair but I’m on hold because of not having the foot trace for the afterthought heels. So I started her second pair. 84 more words


Troublesome Cast-Ons!

I remembered in our most recent meeting that some of you were having trouble with the more difficult (and often more professional) cast on methods. ┬áIn this post, I’m going to provide a few links to some… 197 more words