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Vietnam: Halong Bay

If I struggle to write a blog, putting an experience into words, it means it was #!*@% incredible! And I am certainly going to have a hard time writing this one! 357 more words


Book Review: Lost Under Two Moons by @LindsaySchopfer

Lost Under Two Moons by Lindsay Schopfer – 4 stars

Alone. Stranded. Richards Parks, a college student from Washington State, finds himself on Other World, a place of fantasy and horror. 309 more words

Book Review

1t5s: on 'And Their Ghosts May Be Heard'

I’m reading a book named And Their Ghosts May Be Heard by Rupert Gerritsen. In it they are trying to prove Dutch sailors marooned in Australia more than 150 years before the Brits “colonised” terra australis incognita (unknown south land). 112 more words


Australia's East Coast: part 2: Castaway


Kelsey and I had just arrived in the quant town, 1770; a gateway to the Castaway trip. We settled into the Southern Cross Backpackers; a cute hostel with a tropical oasis vibe, set just on the outskirts of town. 1,469 more words


One of my favorite movies is Castaway. I can’t say it is the best movie ever, but I can say there is something about the loneliness and isolation that strikes deep in my heart as a reminder of the many times I have felt alone. 607 more words



My child has been on a brooding binge for a few days, now. I don’t care much (at all) for brooding, glum, ‘woe is me’, morose moods. 467 more words

Musings Of A Southern Gal

Action, part 1.

Most people consider action in terms of movement.  Whether in movies, books, games, or plays, action is thought of as battles, races, chases, sword fights, fist fights, space fights, fights with demons, fights with monsters, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. 661 more words