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HIGHEST CASTAWAY EVER! Maui Cliff Jumping (4K)

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A Castaway Style Interview

It's an interesting exercise to choose items for a castaway island. It winds up being a pretty good look into your preferences and makeup. Today it's my turn, and I invite you all to check it out. 131 more words


One Films Unanswered Question

If you haven’t seen Castaway by now, go away and watch it then come back and join me in the frustration of this films unanswered question. 234 more words


Movie Haiku No.4

Stuck on an island,

just a ball for company.

Freedom in four years



By Ariel Leal

An excavation from our recently discovered joke bone yard: “Nonsense’s Guide to Travel!” A pamphlet available physically and digitally.

The sound of a whistle is heard, piercing through the uproarious cheer of the audience. 1,156 more words


Covenants Guide Us Through the In-Between Times

How do you remember your past?  Are there important stories from your past that have played a role in who you are today?  Are there pictures, objects, even artifacts that you display prominently in you home or office that help you remember where you came from, who you are and what is important?  1,265 more words