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Return of the castaway 

I keep being drawn to island life, I find myself yet again on a deserted beach, this time in Malaysia. My location is the Island of Pulua Tuba, off the larger Island of Langkawi. 351 more words

Life as a Food Product

I can hear my skin sizzle, as I sit in the dark of my room. I’m transforming into a piece of bacon. Not the satisfying fatty kind you carnivores seem to love so much either. 535 more words


the movie "Cast Away"

I am watching the movie “Cast Away”, which evoked a bunch of different emotions; from stress (the initial part of the movie), to a sense of adventure (the life on island), courage or indifference (sailing away from the island), beauty in nature (when the whale and the character exchange glances), hope (when the cargo ship passes next to the character), healing (when the character flies back home on a plane), gratefulness (when the character is back to civilized life), love (when he sees his sweetheart again), the heart-break (when the character cannot get his sweetheart back in his life). 39 more words


"We perished, each alone"

Following up on my recent musing about Virginia Woolf, I want to talk this week about a quote within a quote. In Woolf’s novel To the Lighthouse… 428 more words


When into thine eyes I look

When into thine eyes I look

Roses smell sweeter than ever

Stars in unison wink and shimmer

Leaves whisper a tranquil melody

Moon smiles like a bride demure and shy. 80 more words