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National Hunt - The Stuff Of Legend: The shipwrecked Grand National winner

1904: Moifaa

One of my favourite Grand National tales is the story of Moifaa, who won the race in 1904.
A New Zealand horse shipped here by trainer Mr. 174 more words


The good thing about growing older is that there are always memories. And always some good ones amongst all the rest. Lately I’ve been reading my fb notifications, and some of them have been making me cringe. 72 more words


The Heart's Locked Room


I am a willing volunteer. I share my experiences on here because I believe that such things are universal, shared by humanity as a whole – and yet we hide them away as if they were dirty secrets. 954 more words


5 iconic beards in the movies

Beards have become a topic of great interest. There’s the classic beard and man-bun combo that has taken the 21st century by storm, the fluffy beard, the breakfast leftovers beard, the forest. 358 more words


A listless ocean carried it away in slow undulations of fingering surf. Moonlight glinted off its glass protectorate like a lighthouse spotlight, on then off, on then off, as it dipped up and down on the waves. 74 more words


Poem - Castaway 

Can’t you see my strong pulsation?
Beating in persuasion

And longing for for lost




Thy pride

A sweet loving bride,

My swollen breast and rosy cheeks… 80 more words


"Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne

This was the second book that I read on my phone, the first being “As I Died Laughing” by David Lloyd . I do have a bilingual (Georgian-English) copy of the book, but that version is highly abridged, and I’ve only managed to read the first couple of pages in Georgian with extreme difficulty and excessive use of Google Translate. 541 more words

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