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Revisiting Ambedkar’s contribution to the annihilation of caste

By Mohammed Heemaz

Though great personalities like Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, Aurobindo, and Gandhi made tremendous efforts to uplift the marginalized sections of society, their thoughts never challenged caste system. 1,303 more words

Things that are mandatory by the law...

From the past, a lot has been changed in terms of rules and regulations and duties to an extent but still we can hear about the contemporary issues being taken place somewhere or the other. 404 more words

Pakistani Christians face discrimination in prisons too

This article was published in: World Watch Monitor:

November 1, 2017 By Asif Aqeel

Pakistani Christians, often discriminated against because of their faith and standing as members of Pakistan’s lowest caste, find that discrimination follows them in prisons as well. 153 more words

Prisons Mission Society

Cultural Appropriation and the Caste System

Ok, so I know this is a stretch, but hear me out.
I think we could solve our microaggression and cultural appropriation problems by implementing something like Old India’s caste system. 636 more words


Double Disappointment Day

Coming back from lunch, I got behind a vehicle that had me shaking my head. Later on, I thought I should probably write about it. Not that I had anything poignant to say, but I think I felt challenged to talk about it without being overtly offensive. 614 more words


The typical mindset of anglicised urban brahmins - self derogatory

The below writing was published in the facebook profile of one person calleed “keertana”, who claims to be from brahmin caste, and has seen all the oppressions first hand. 1,685 more words


Brahmin-bashing has an agenda - Maria Wirth

Why are the so-called atrocities of the caste system so hyped? The reason may well be to divert the attention from those who actually should feel guilty about what they did and still do to India. 1,322 more words