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Glamour Spotlight/Just for Fun: Casters

I started Fashion Ninjutsu around 2 years after the introduction of FFXIV’s glamour system (something like that, anyway; I’m not scouring patch notes here). This meant that from the get-go I had a lot of old glamours to dig through for posts during lulls like the one we’re in now, which I occasionally pull from the memory archives for… 604 more words


Hot Linking Metamagic Feats

I only have a few casters in my character arsenal for DDO, as I tend to favor melee and ranged characters.  At least most of the time.   624 more words

Glamour Spotlight: Casters (3/8/17)

My last caster glamour has been bugging me for awhile, since it was the last of mine that wasn’t black and white in some fashion. I tried dyeing the… 576 more words