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Glamour Spotlight (Alt): Casters

Ever since we started getting rumblings about jump potions, I had been planning to get one for my second alternate character. She’s not a character I play actively for gameplay, but she comes in handy for role-playing purposes from time to time. 361 more words


Glamour Spotlight: Red Mage

I’ve been focusing on Red Mage for most of this week, since I’ve picked up enough Verity to cap my Ninja out at i309. The whole while, I’ve been trying to figure out a glamour for the journey to 60. 595 more words

Glamour Spotlights

If the slipper fits, wear it.

Linda Seeger Interior Design needed a tiny slipper chair for a client and found the perfect style with our Molly chair.  Only 24″ deep!


White Box - Wheels and casters

I decided to start with casters so here they are before painting started. These are two inch – we will see how they work out. I could not find larger casters at Lowe’s or Home Depot. 99 more words

Glamour Update: Casters (Red Mage)

I’m mostly busy enjoying Stormblood, but since there are some troubles with instances right now, I have a little bit of free time. I ended up abandoning the… 230 more words


Powers of the Windemere Lands: Adorable Adventurers

Don’t let the title fool you.  While some adventurers are adorable, very few of them should be trifled with.  At the very least, remember to give them a treat before petting them on the head.   558 more words