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Glamour Quickie: Black Mage Update

Just a quick little update for the weekend.

After running a few dungeons with my new Black Mage glamour, something wasn’t sitting well with me. With some reflection, I decided it was mostly the color combinations—the boots and gloves from the set have some tan accents that weren’t really lining up with the old look. 56 more words


Fashion Frustrations: Witch's Coatee

My Data Center is currently facing login difficulties, so I paged through a bunch of my screenshots to see if I could find something to talk about. 221 more words


Glamour Spotlight: Black Mage

As I mentioned last week, I finally got the Goetia Thighboots to go along with my Goetia Gloves last night. That was later than I had planned, but late or not, today I had to get to work immediately this morning to put together my new look. 517 more words


Glamour Spotlight: Caster

I had intended to do a shorter post today, talking about something other than a full glamour set, and get to my caster glamour on Monday—but on Tuesday or Wednesday, it’s quite likely that, for Black Mage at least, I’ll be creating an entirely new look, as I’ll have both the… 376 more words


Leather cocktail ottoman from a master Mixologist.

OK, Eric Crook isn’t a bartender, but he sure knows how to work a room.  Check out this classic leather ottoman in our own Optima Leather Classico Khaki… 8 more words


How To MMORPG: Let's Talk about Casters

Welcome to How To MMORPG! In this short episode we talk a little bit about the difference between classes that have a lot of abilities with cast times (such as mages and priests) and clssses without abilities with cast times. I hope you guys enjoy!

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All I want for Christmas is tincas (Entry 172)

What a crazy winter we are having. I can count the number of frosty mornings so far on one hand. In fact, I could count them on the hand of one fingered man.  556 more words

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