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Patch 3.4 Gear Set Previews!

The pre-patch hype is building, and as usual, we’re starting to get previews of a lot of the new gear coming in 3.4. While I’m sure there will be a number of other surprises in the final patch, we’ve now gotten previews of the main gear for the new dungeons, the new crafted battle gear, the new gear from Tomestones of Scripture, and of course, the sets from Alexander (The Creator). 1,279 more words


Foodservice Equipment – How to select the right caster for you

Casters are special housings that include wheels and they facilitate those wheels being attached to equipment.  Many people interchange the terminology of wheels and casters as meaning the same thing and for the most part that works out to be accepted.  501 more words


Glamour Spotlight: Casters (9/7/2016) | 100th Post!

I mentioned when I showcased my last healer glamour that I was working on using the Scion Healer’s Robe for casters. I’ve had the glamour done for several days now but had other topics I wanted to discuss, so I’m only getting around to posting it now. 891 more words


Understanding Magic

Part Two: Types and Names of Magic-Users

To sum up what was covered in part one, magic is something very real, very meaningful, and it is used in different ways. 760 more words


Royal Shredder 1200MX 12-Sheet Strip Cut With Basket and Casters

Perfect for Home, Office Use

Auto Start/Stop, Auto Reverse Mode to Clear Jams and Overloads, Confetti Cut for High Security and Low Waste

Durable Plastic Construction… 26 more words

Real World Race Track is Real Hack

never ceases to impress us with what he comes up with and how he hacks it together. Seriously, how did he even know that the obscure umbrella part he used in this project existed, let alone thought of it when the time came to make a magnet mount? 191 more words

Toy Hacks