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Weave A Web to Cast A Spell

Welcome back to Haunted October! How have you been finding your cards so far? Any interesting messages?

Today we are weaving a web to cast a spell. 282 more words

Flash Fiction #59 - Witch

Tansy’s cell phone vibrated, and she pulled it out of her pocket. After reading the text, adjusted the countdown clock.

This was it.

It was really happening. 526 more words

Jessica Jarman

How To Cast A Basic Spell

I get a lot of emails asking, “how do I just cast a spell?” This is actually a fairly loaded question and topic. There really isn’t just one way or a “mother of all spells”. 431 more words

Create Your Own Spells

Creating your own spells can be an easy, simple and fun to do. It will get you exploring and pushing your own boundaries and realizing your own great capabilities. 706 more words

Research Tips For The Beginner Witch!

Where do you start? There is endless amounts of information out there about becoming a witch. You can google till your hearts content, or until  you are completely confused! 1,022 more words

Casting Cursing Stones

Fridays are the days we cast our curses, or “throw” magic as we call it.  If you ever see a pile of rocks and a stick in the middle, you can bet that someone has been cursed and quite severely. 494 more words