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NWG Plays Castle Crashers Part 1 and 2!

Jackie and Kylie are at it with Castle Crashers Part 1 !

Part 2:

Half Baked: Pit People

From a flash game about an alien on Newgrounds, to a game about knights rescuing princesses, to a game about collecting things and putting on small stage plays, to this: a turn based strategy game about a blueberry farmer seeking revenge for his totally dead son. 834 more words


My favorite Video Game

This post has reviews on my favorite games like Portal two, Castle Crashers, and the cave. I have a lot of Favorite video games. I like them a lot, but I’m not a video game person as much as a movie or comic book person. 505 more words

Let's Look at: Pit People (Beta)

Join Addam as he recovers from a cold and plays the Pit People beta, the newest game from The Behemoth. The tactical RPG seems like it could be cool, assuming that it maintains the simple gameplay and easy to understand movement mechanics.

Let's Look At

Castle Crashers (PC) - Review

Castle Crashers was first released on the Xbox 360 back in 2008, and has since been ported to Playstation and PC. I picked up the PC version in a Steam sale some time ago, planning to play it in co-op mode, but I ended up playing it on my own. 546 more words