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Countdown: Great Co-Op Games

Multiplayer is such a large component of many games these days, with many of them providing players with multiple modes where they can compete against each other in team-based and free-for-all situations. 567 more words


Die for Valhalla (Switch) Review

Lost Vikings

Die for Valhalla isn’t just a name: death will occur often in this cartoonish 2D brawler. Inspired by Castle Crashers, indie developer Monster Couch’s game pits you and up to three friends against waves of enemies. 1,105 more words


Castle Crashers

Catfish boss fight stage – Image from Steam Community

Mochi bought a game on Steam yesterday that he said I would like it because it’s about killing monsters together and “requires no brains” so it’ll definitely suit me >:/ 99 more words

Castle Crashers


You can unlock new characters from completing the game with old characters. Buy packs that will allow you to use special characters and weapons. Play online multiplayer with friends and practice to get better. 124 more words

Action Game

#25: Castle Crashers (ps3)

Played co-op with a friend. Beat em up with fun graphics and lots of unlocks for replayability. It is not that long but I dont think games like this should go on for too long or they’ll get boring plus if you feel like you need more you can always go for a second round with a new character and unlock some more stuff ^^ 37 more words

GeekOut Bristol Meet - February 10th: Castle Crashing

18+ Event

Friends, I am afraid there has been a blight upon this land, so evil it is that we cannot imagine how to deal with it. 1,047 more words