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Sri Lanka - Seaplanes & Bibles

Seaplanes. Now that’s actually why we are here. Andy chose the holiday solely because he had always wanted to go on a seaplane, and this one offered 3 opportunities. 685 more words

Sri Lanka

The 200th Anniversary of Castlereagh Wesleyan Chapel

As a teenager, I attended various church camps, the occasional church service and other church social events, such as the Sunday School Picnics out at Castlereagh Church. 668 more words


The Full Monty

With extensive parkland, some of the most beautiful formal gardens, an elegant yet somewhat understated house that simply oozes wealth, position, and history, Mount Stewart… 909 more words

Out And About

The All-Singing, All-Dancing Congress: The Making of Post-Napoleonic Europe

On 31 March 1814, the Allied armies of the Sixth Coalition defeated the remnants of the Napoleonic army and entered Paris in triumph. These were the fruits of a hard-fought victory against the Grande Armée over the past year and a half, from East Prussia, via Poland and Germany, to the very gates of Paris. 1,559 more words


The Reluctant Ally: Anglo-Spanish Slave Trade Negotiations 1820-1821

Alliances between maritime Empires in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries were rarely harmonious; but only a few hold the distinction, of being completely dysfunctional. 1,613 more words