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8 bit alucard

After I beat River City: Tokyo Rumble for the second time, I finally moved on to my next game – Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, the 3DS virtual console version. 166 more words

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Friday Favorites #3: Hollywood Performances in Video Games

As I grow a little impatient with interpreting the enigmatic trailers for Death Stranding featuring Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, I got inspiration for another Friday Favorites list. 549 more words

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Forecasting the Eventual SNES Classic

We’re now past Thanksgiving here in the US which means the holiday shopping season is already well underway. The recently released NES Classic continues to be a hot seller, perhaps the hottest of the season, though that seems to have more to do with product scarcity than true demand (after all, children by and large are not interested in a gaming device with 30 year old games on it). 3,026 more words

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Adaeus: Rogue Planet - Save a Dying Colony

Adaeus: Rogue Planet is a indie 2D exploration-based sci-fi platformer game developed by OMGWTFGame (awkward name lol). You play as Darius Cayne who is trying to fix his dying colony with a looking for a new power source.   120 more words

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Emerald Gaming Update - November 2016

This month has been…trying. Not only for personal reasons, but also because I had, being honest, I had a rough time writing this one. I’ve been  1,910 more words


Castlevania Advance Appreciation

The Game Boy Advance had an impressive lineup of games in its relatively short life. Released in 2001, then shoved out the door by the Nintendo DS in 2004, it was home to 2 brand new Metroids, 3 new F-Zero games and 3 Castlevanias among others. 1,738 more words