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A New Idea

by Thunderhulk

Well, we went dark for a while there, and I’m not entirely sure if anyone else will be returning to this blog. I recently quit World of Warcraft again (hi, my name is Thunderhulk, I’m a WoW-aholic), and decided to embark on a fairly new (but old) quest: I’m going to go back through my gaming history and play 100 games I’ve already tried/played heavily/completed over the years. 390 more words

Video Games

Review: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

So yesterday in my review of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection for the PSP, I said I was nearing the end of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and would be done in a couple of days. 1,703 more words


Now Playing: February 2015

Earlier in the month I laid out what I was playing at the time, Omega Boost and Final Fantasy IX. I am still working on the latter, obviously. 364 more words


Blogcast 1: Rogue Legacy

Hello listeners and now readers of Simon’s Cake!

Feel free to set the mood with some music :)

Here you’ll find our first Blogcast written by me, George (Jesus Guzman :D). 2,181 more words

Video Games

Rebirth: Chapter 31

The air was dank and smelled horribly of rot and mold. Gabriel opened his eyes wearily and gazed around the dim cell.
His leg was throbbing in pain, the wound as searing as fire. 3,700 more words


Rebirth: Chapter 30

Laeleth ran frantically through the dense overgrowth. She had heard the sounds of a fight beginning, and had not waited to see the outcome. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her body covered in cold beads of sweat. 4,776 more words


Why Indie Video Games Are Zee Best – Teslagrad Rules All!

What in the name of Holy Cow is Teslagrad? You may have noticed, up there yonder, we have a section dedicated to vvvvvideo games. Why? Being dorks here at Professional Moron we’ve played them solidly for 25+ years. 452 more words

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