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Rebirth: Chapter 34

As they made their way down the passages and hushed corridors they were filled with dread at the stillness of the place.

“It is far too quiet …” Laevon breathed out in a whisper. 2,880 more words


Castlevania: Reversed

Maria smiled as the group of avid listeners gathered around her. She eased herself down into the chair and wondered, as she always did, when it had started being so difficult to sit down and get up. 231 more words

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Intermediatry: Castlevania (Bloody tears)

This is one of my favourite songs from the Castlevania series.


Rebirth: Chapter 33

Tallia and Laevon had finally reached the borders of Verzstani. Before they came in sight of the walls they dismounted and let the horses loose. They would need to continue on foot if they wished to avoid any guard on watch. 4,022 more words


Retro Gothic Slasher, "SLAIN", Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal

Wolf Brew Games’ recent hack & slash retro homage, Slain, has just surpassed it’s meager $12,000 Kickstarter funding goal. With 13 days left in the campaign they’re certain to secure more funds to help them distribute the title to PC and most major console formats. 156 more words

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