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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition Review

One Castlevania with everything but anchovies and olives

The world of man has been cut off from God and dead souls cannot ascend into the afterlife. 1,891 more words


Kerosene Games: Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PS1)

I was first introduced to the Castlevania series back on the NES, and became more of a fan when I played Castlevania on the Nintendo 64. 30 more words


CastleVania: Lord of annoyingness

Bueno, pues ahora que estoy jugando Castlevania: Lords of Shadow tengo algunas cosas que decir sobre él. Iré comentando en la medida en que vaya avanzando y cuando termine el juego publicaré el documento: 6,977 more words


'Demoniaca' Fighter/Platformer Hybrid Returns To Kickstarter

A clash of Gothic-horror exploration and traditional fighting game mechanics, Demoniaca: Everlasting Night is back for a second round on Kickstarter. 475 more words


90 kisses: 8-bit OST from NES games

I wan born in 1985. When I was young NES is the most popular game console. I played many many game but as far as I remember Mega Man 2 is the first video game I play since I was born. 70 more words


Classic Corner Extravaganza!

Hello everyone! Remember me? Long-time no talk! Despite being MIA for the past four months, I’ve been squeezing in some quality gaming sessions in my spare time and thought I’d just share my impressions on each and every classic game that I’ve played thus far. 2,505 more words