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Chronological Challenge - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

1997 continues throughout this week for the Chronological Challenge. Today I am reviewing a classic game which I never played originally. To be fair, this game was apparently pretty rare in the UK at the time, and only a PSN release a few years back made it easier to get hold of, so let’s say that’s my excuse. 785 more words

Chronological Challenge

My Super Smash Bros Character Wishlist

Dear Santa,

Yesterday it was announced that Cloud from Final Fantasy VII was going to be in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. This reveal blew a large majority of people’s brains out their asses and it proves that Nintendo is open to including characters that have never even been in a Nintendo game (unless you want to count a few cameos on a couple 3DS titles). 549 more words

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New Retro News: new Dark Flame demo out now!

Dark Flame is a Castlevania fanboy’s dark dreams come to (un)life. It’s been Greenlighted and now a Kickstarter is making the rounds to fund up the final graphics and sounds. 406 more words

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Fan your burning Castlevania passion with Dark Flame, on Kickstarter

MetroidVania. It speaks a good deal about how important both Metroid and Castlevania were to game development that an entire sub-genre is named after them. A first glance, even if it were a peripheral glance on a mobile screen under a midday sun, leaves no doubt that… 247 more words


Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Review

Symphony of the Night marked a major turning point for the Castlevania series. By combining the traditional Castlevania action-platforming with the exploration of Metroid and added RPG elements, it effectively launched the Metroidvania sub-genre as we know it today. 986 more words

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30 years since the NES was released world-wide

The Nintendo Entertainment System, or the NES as it is more commonly known, paved the way for the modern era of gaming. It was my first console, and for me, launched my love of gaming and Nintendo. 475 more words


Review 001 – Castlevania III : Dracula’s Curse

By nesKhemist

In the deep and storied catalog of the NES there is a broad spectrum of titles ranging in playability. Games so bad you wondered if they had even been play tested and games so good you still pick them up, blow into the cartridge and pop them in from time to time almost three decades after they were released. 1,719 more words