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Tuesday's Top 5: Anime Vampires

This week I’m listing my top 5 favourite anime vampires (which I can’t actually believe I hadn’t already done so here we go). This is a nice simple list and really it is just based on how much I like the character rather than any particular vampiric traits, though I will admit I prefer vampires that at least seem to have some kind of supernatural punch to them rather than cutesy vampires. 549 more words

Slain: Back to Hell - Nintendo Switch Review

When Slain first came across my web browser I was hooked. The dark and bloody aesthetic served up with the musical stylings of former Celtic Frost bassist/guitarist Curt Victor Bryant were appealing on their own. 660 more words


Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is a forgotten masterpiece

Released in 2001, Circle of the Moon was one of the launch titles of the Game Boy Advance. The game was very well received during its release and received a very high… 2,082 more words


Castlevania / #richardarmitage still doing well for Frederator

Here‘s a report on the Frederator earnings report. Frederator Studios is at work on Castlevania 2 and Castlevania 1 continues to do well. However, Wow Unlimited Media nonetheless seems to be operating at a loss.

Richard Armitage

Three worthwhile Richard Armitage related moments for today

Richard Armitage

Is television the way to go for video game adaptations?

As we know, films based on video games haven’t managed to achieve critical approval yet. With so many different genres having been adapted by so many studios, it can only be the medium that is the problem: perhaps video games just aren’t meant to be adapted into film. 600 more words


Episode 25 - Edthusiasm


Episode #25 – Edthusiasm

The 6 Demon Bag Podcast, where we pull random topics for discussion related to writing, comics, movies, science, all that kind of thing! 90 more words