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Day 58 – San Francisco

People keep asking us why we don’t stay longer in one place and why we seem to be moving so fast. Well, the fact is that 1: it is generally quite expensive to stay in the more ‘interesting’ places so we can’t afford to stay too long, 2: we are not very ‘cultured’ so we don’t really go to museums, galleries and the like unless they are free or very interesting, thus saving a lot of time, 3: we both get bored fairly easily, 4: you can only see everything once so there is no point in hanging about once you’ve seen it and 5: this isn’t really a traditional holiday – if we want to sit next to a pool and relax we can do it for much cheaper in South Africa! 853 more words


Mind/Game to screen at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

A great summer continues with Mind/Game: The Unquiet Journey of Chamique Holdsclaw at the 35th Annual San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (SFJFF)!  SFJFF has screened over 1500 films since its inception in 1980, continually dedicated to presenting narratives, documentaries, live programs and social events that reflect a global approach and full-time dedication to Jewish life and culture.   120 more words

June 9th!

Oh yeah. Who’s ready? Who’s excited? I AM! AHHHH!


The 58th SF Intl Film Festival: Day 3 – Barbara Loden's "Wanda"

It’s back to the Castro Theatre for day 3 with a 35mm transfer of Barbara Loden‘s shot on 16mm film from 1970, “Wanda”. On hand to give a special introduction of the film, and to oversell it as well, was the Telluride Film Festival’s 2015 guest director and highly acclaimed author… 493 more words


2015 Lesbians Who Tech Summit

Celesbians! Spaceships! Werther’s!

3 seemingly unrelated things I wasn’t expecting to find at the 2nd annual Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco. But I did find them, and they MADE MY DAY. 751 more words

Rando Writing

Know Your Circle: A Conversation With Jan Wahl

by Michael Guillén

Founded in 2002, the San Francisco Film Critics Circle is comprised of critics from both mainstream and alternative Bay Area publications, broadcast radio and television, and online venues. 2,908 more words


Guten Tag! Eclecticism Rules the Screen at Berlin and Beyond

by Richard von Busack

Among the myriad film fests in the Bay Area, Berlin and Beyond is one of the most eclectic and daring—its criteria is nothing less than films made in a language spoken by 100 million people. 1,198 more words