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EatDrinkFilms Presents Hollywood Noir Classics


by Gary Meyer

On Friday night, January 29, Noir City and EatDrinkFilms present two film noir classics, set behind the seamy back doors of the Hollywood studios, at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre. 615 more words


Catching Up with the Czar of Noir at Café du Nord

by Thomas Downs

In early January my old friends Randall Homan and Al Barna called to see if I wanted to go out for a night on the town. 1,678 more words


Through a lens darkly...

by Michael Fox

Good news, noir aficionados: It’s raining. During our hot streak of parched winters, it took a certain panache to attend Noir City… 875 more words


Rising DOUGH at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

by Gary Meyer

Jewish celebrations and cuisine go together. The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival wouldn’t be a proper cinematic meal without food films on its menu. 669 more words


Day 58 – San Francisco

People keep asking us why we don’t stay longer in one place and why we seem to be moving so fast. Well, the fact is that 1: it is generally quite expensive to stay in the more ‘interesting’ places so we can’t afford to stay too long, 2: we are not very ‘cultured’ so we don’t really go to museums, galleries and the like unless they are free or very interesting, thus saving a lot of time, 3: we both get bored fairly easily, 4: you can only see everything once so there is no point in hanging about once you’ve seen it and 5: this isn’t really a traditional holiday – if we want to sit next to a pool and relax we can do it for much cheaper in South Africa! 853 more words