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01M OneMoment - biodegradable barefoot shoes!

Spanish-made OneMoment or 01M shoes are an intriguing, eco-friendly – and very cheap! – option for a barefoot shoe.  Made from plant-based polymers they will biodegrade completely.  603 more words


Shoesday, June 2nd - 10 | 15 | 20

Purchase 1 pair and get $10 off**. Purchase 2 or 3 pairs and get $15 off those + the $10 off the 1st pair**. And if you purchase 4 pairs, you get $20 off that 4th pair + $15 off the 2nd and 3rd + $10 off the 1st + $20 off each pair thereafter**. 54 more words

New Balance

DIY barefoot shoes

Barefoot shoes are – at least in theory – easier to make yourself than regular shoes as they are less structured, less rigid, less….well, just less right?  367 more words


Barefoot alternative to Crocs

Crocs are such a great concept: easy to put on and off, easy to clean, durable and lightweight.  I have worn out more than one pair over the years and while I wouldn’t buy them now I confess I still keep my old ones about for the convenience of just stepping into them quickly to fetch the mail or get something out of the car.  226 more words


Men's Shoes

Men lead busy lives and need to have their shoes organised. Rotate your shoes, look after them and they will serve you well. Keep them looking good with maintenance, including waterproofing if they need it. 207 more words

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