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9 barefoot transition walking shoe ideas for women

A thoughtful transition is key to avoiding problems when switching to barefoot shoes. If you’re still working out what your transition will look like, you may find these resources useful… 2,227 more words


Barefoot shoes with removable footbeds

A removable insole adds some flexibility to your barefoot shoes.  The same pair of shoes can be configured for more or less cushioning depending on the surfaces you’ll be traveling on, or the length of time you’ll be on them.  1,026 more words


01M OneMoment - biodegradable barefoot shoes!

Spanish-made OneMoment or 01M shoes are an intriguing, eco-friendly – and very cheap! – option for a barefoot shoe.  Made from plant-based polymers they will biodegrade completely.  603 more words


Shoesday, June 2nd - 10 | 15 | 20

Purchase 1 pair and get $10 off**. Purchase 2 or 3 pairs and get $15 off those + the $10 off the 1st pair**. And if you purchase 4 pairs, you get $20 off that 4th pair + $15 off the 2nd and 3rd + $10 off the 1st + $20 off each pair thereafter**. 54 more words

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