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OVERthinking 101: Chapter 1 

Deep down, there is this voice telling me every single time when I argue with my partner and he decides to intimidate me.

“You’re better than that. 609 more words

I CUT MY HAIR!... Two Weeks Ago...

Guys, I never told you about this, but I cut my hair! And yes, it was two weeks ago. I was so busy volunteering that I was too tired to write a post about it, and then ultimately forgot it altogether. 443 more words



Sekwere is a minimalistic puzzle game where you need to reproduce pattern provided by miniature square, which rotates as you complete figures, on big one for a limited time. 21 more words


I know no more of what to say

Growing up is no longer making your love life a priority.

I saw a quote similar to this, or a quote that has the same meaning as this, or a quote that basically, when simplified, becomes this.

568 more words

The Reunion!

July is the month for Fireworks, cookouts, going to the beach and having family reunions. It seems common for people to have their family gatherings in this month.   297 more words


Swordy is a local party brawler with chaotic physics-based action. Master the weapons of war, using momentum and timing to fight for your life in a world built on the bones of a ruined empire. 6 more words


Building Worlds

This blog post is a brief discussion about the principles of world-building. I am going to be taking a look at 1992’s Star Control II in relation to these principles and how they have been used to inform the creation game worlds. 465 more words

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