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Exposing the truth behind animal rescue!

March 2018

So a new video has just been posted by the whistler blower and this video will really turn your stomach.  Interviews by two women that have witnessed the horror and suffering that has been allowed to go on for so long inside the Animal Aid NO KILL shelter in Oakland Park Florida… There are more and more stories that are starting to surface exposing the horrible truth behind this shelter… This is a crude reminder that not everythi… 3,312 more words

Animal Abuse And Neglect

Thankful for ...Cuddle Buddies

Hello All,
Oliver here. The Tribe of Five have so much to be thankful for that I decided I’d jump on over to Brian’s Home and his Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. 98 more words


Walk Through the Web Wednesday 1/3

Hello Friends,
This is my first web wander of 2018. I hope this new year finds  you all healthy and happy. The Tribe of Five is spending our time curled up in our humans laps, in front of the fireplace or snuggled under a warm throw on the living room sofas. 560 more words


National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week #3

Hi Folks,

Lilly here. I’m another happy Tribe of Five Member who was adopted from our local shelter (Panhandle Animal Shelter).  They do lots of great things there but this is one of my favorites. 264 more words


It's Linky Party Time! 10/6

Hi There,
Oliver here. It’s pawty time again and I’m hosting this one. When #TheTribeOfFive was deciding which blog post of ours to feature, I stretched out and contemplated for quite a while. 704 more words


Cats-22 Situation

We arrived at our new home with only one cat, Mr Mac, and he settled in remarkably. Then came the predicament of the two feral gingers, … 359 more words


National Kitten Day, July 10, 2017

It’s time to celebrate National Kitten Day!  We came from our local shelter, Panhandle Animal Shelter as did our sister Lily. Tucker and Jasmine were rescue kittens from a private rescue in California.   39 more words