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Buy K & H Soft Cat Bed, Velvety, Paw Printed Deluxe Ortho Bolster Sleeper

Buy K & H Soft Cat Bed, Velvety, Paw Printed Deluxe Ortho Bolster Sleeper
Brand: K&H Manufacturing
Size: 20″ L X16″ W X8″ H.

Type: 46 more words


Buy Online United Pets Kitty Cat Cozy Cave & Bed

Brand: United Pets
Type: Cat Beds
Features: Machine Washable

The Cat Cave, with its soft, rounded shape, is the perfect den for playing and hiding! The soft fabric provides a cozy spot for relaxing, and the dangling toy inside stimulates curiosity and exercise. 71 more words


Repurpose challenge day two

Tuesday challenge:  Repurpose something you have made.  I am not short of things I have made.  I am unable to sit down in the evening and not have something to fiddle with.  226 more words


Comfy Cat Beds

Does your cat share your bed sleeping right in the middle, taking up all the room so that you have to curl up around them? 184 more words


Friday Favourites: 16

I know it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted, but basically 4th of July was crazy at work (everyone boards their dogs and goes on vacation I guess) and I was pretty much stuck at work 13 days in a row. 84 more words

A Familiar Look

I had to laugh when I saw a young Trixie watching me with her head sticking up out of the cat bed. Scout at times would watch me like this, all the more amusing since she insisted on having her bed right beside me, her face inches away.


How To Make A Cat Window Bed (with Storage)

I’ve acquired a new cat! Long story short, my upstairs neighbor is a horrible human being and he abandoned his kitty when he moved. Yep, just left her behind. 802 more words