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International #Shopping fun! - Cat bed

Haha! 😂 I want this for myself. This is Awesome – and only $27 on Taobao! (189¥). I think the tail is the pillow!
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Pet beds and climbing furniture can be expensive if buying from a high street shop, so finding a great and relatively cheap bed you can make yourself for your four legged friend is exciting, especially that you can also customise it! 71 more words


Don't You Dare Build That Wall! - Conversations with Stella

I, Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, hereby decree that the humans are forbidden from building a wall to keep me off the cat’s couch bed! 279 more words

Cats and Their Sleeping Spots

Cats are pretty funny when it comes to finding a spot to sleep. You could buy the cutest, most expensive cat bed on the market, but cats are drawn to “their spots”. 80 more words


Cat Sitting - Conversations with Stella

Me:        Stella, this morning, I was in the kitchen, calmly, methodically preparing my breakfast, when what to my wondering ears should sound but the excited, LOUD barking of bulldogs and an extremely annoyed feline cry from our cat, Moon. 348 more words

Personalized Cat Bed

This week I decided to make a cat bed for my kitty, Killa. I had been thinking about making one for a while, but I wasn’t sure how to get the bottom attached to the sides nicely, and I know Killa doesn’t normally like cat beds anyway. 682 more words


3 Must Have Cat Accessories for Sports Fans

Who those of you who frequent the blog its obvious that my wife and I love our cats. I mean, we have a blog, so that much is obvious. 525 more words