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Pros and Cons of Pelleted Paper Litter

The right kind of litter you use in your cat’s litter box has a lot to do with both your preference, and that of your kitty. 267 more words

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Open Door - Should Cats Be Allowed To Go Outdoors?

There are different thoughts, and sometimes some controversy, on whether or not cats should be allowed outdoors. Many feel they should not as keeping them inside is healthier and safer. 286 more words

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Multiple Cats - Should Your Cat Have Siblings?

Cats have a very independent demeanor. But do they get lonely? Do cats enjoy sharing their home with other cats? My experience has shown that, like human siblings, cats learn from each other interact in many positive ways. 277 more words

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"K" Is For Kitten - 3 Ways To Help Your Kitten Adjust To Their New Home

Brining home a new kitten for the first time can be overwealming for both you and your new furry friend. Kitty will have a new home and new family all in the same day. 239 more words

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Information From Your Cat's Litter Box Habits - 4 Things Your Cat May Be Trying To Tell You

A cat’s litter box is not just a box full of litter. It can be a source of information about the health and well-being of your cat. 339 more words

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Hiding Places That Can Be Dangerous For A Cat

Whenever I open a closet door there is sure to be a kitty that comes running to investigate. My cat Violet loves to sneak in small spaces without any fear of getting locked inside. 275 more words

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Nap Time

Danny (the big one) and Abbey looked so comfy I wished I could take a nap with them.

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