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Catching Some Zzzzz's - The End of The A-Z Blogging Challenge

It’s April 30th which means it’s the last day of the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Thank you to everyone who visited – it was an exciting journey through the alphabet! 337 more words

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A Yarn about Yarn, a Cat Obsession

Participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge has given me the opportunity to explore new words and their meanings. It was interesting to discover that a “Yarn” is not only something cats love to play with but also an interesting story. 173 more words

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While You're Away - 7 Reasons To Hire A Pet Sitter For Your Cat

When planning a vacation, or a few days away from home, you may wonder if your cats can take care of themselves during that time. Cats can be aloof and fiercely independent, do they miss their families when they leave?   604 more words

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Unsure If An Outdoor Cat is Feral or a Stray? Here are Ways To Tell

Feral cats are cats that were born and live outdoors. They are not comfortable around, and don’t want to interact with, humans. They live in well-defined colonies that are like families and are reluctant to let any unfamiliar cats join. 429 more words

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Traveling With Your Cat? 5 Ways To Make The Journey Easier

Typically, cats don’t like change. They are creatures of habit with routine that probably rarely differs from day-to-day. Once they have found a favorite sleeping spot you can be quite certain that is where they can be found. 396 more words

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Sunny Windows and Other Places Cats Like To Sleep

Cats like to be warm and cozy, especially when it’s time for a nap. When the sun is shining through the window I know where I will find my kitties! 144 more words

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Cat Communication - The Quizzical Look

Cats are very smart and can understand what you hope to communicate to them. They can be taught to stop certain unwanted behaviors such as scratching the furniture or jumping up on counter tops. 66 more words

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