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A Piece of One Piece (part 3 of ???): Character Profile - "Cat Burglar" Nami

(Super delayed update because of life stuff, moving, new job, and overall creative block because of lack of time and exhaustion. I appreciate you to the highest degree if you haven’t given up on me). 950 more words


"31 Days..." Day 2: Cat Burglar

I’ve been way too excited to wear all the new kitty cat leather accessories I’ve been working on!  I only made it to day two of “31 Days of Halloween” before I just HAD to put some sort of cat costume together. 61 more words

Audio's Life

Feline Felon Is A Real Cat Burglar (WNCX Morning Show)

It must be awkward for this Oregon cop to have a cat who steals stuff. It was cute until cuddly little Tigger showed up with a stash of pot! 10 more words


This Girl Deserves An A For Parkouring Her Way Up The Side Of Her School To Get Back Into A Classroom.

Bravo. Bra-fucking-vo. I mean if school in japan or whatever doesn’t work out for this chick. She HAS to become a cat burglar. Some people just have that talent. 159 more words

Flip Flop Cat

As summer comes to a close I am going to reluctantly say goodbye to one of my favorite things about it, wearing flip-flops and sandals. It seems I am not alone in my appreciation for these versatile shoes, but an adorable orange tabby cat in the Portland Oregon neighborhood of Montavilla may have a bigger collection than me. 317 more words

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