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A bundle of nerves

Tip toeing here I am
on Tenterhooks I can easily scram
Afraid I will be caught
pray it was not all for naught!

Creepy is the dark hall… 67 more words


New installment of Cat-Tales: Pearl drops. Part 7: Fortuna

Forecast for Metropolis: Cloudy, Precipitation 0%, Humidity 74%, Wind 14 mph. Chance of Cat Burglar 100%

Pearl Part 7: Fortuna on the main Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror Cat-Tales.mobi


Vacationing with Cary Grant on the Riviera

If you’re feeling Out Of Sorts because you’re unable to visit the Côte de’Azur (French Riviera) this winter, we know how you feel.

Idea! If we (as in, yours truly) stumble upon a winning lottery ticket or buried treasure, we’ll spring for airfare to take us both to the French Riviera. 693 more words


The fish thieves

Cats = opportunists. We know this. I try to discourage my small clan to desist, but when there’s fresh fish, freshly cooked and sitting on the counter top, all law-abiding morals go out of the feline window. 21 more words

Home In The Carpathians

Look at this Cat

Look at this blasted cat. This is reason #17 for not getting anything done today. :D

I’m falling off my stool here. Would you just look at this cat! 17 more words


Cat Burglar

Bob Baffert’s Cat Burglar working Friday morning.  Of course, the camera’s auto-focus thought the shot would look best with the track in focus, not the horse!


Five minutes with cat burglar

13 June. The word is catburglar.

All the dictionaries think it’s two words, but it’s a singular concept, so I’ll happily roll with it.  (yes, I checked online first. 328 more words