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A few days ago I bought collars with little bells on them for all the kittens.  I put the first one on Roo, and it was a disaster!  391 more words

Cat and dog collars


Tribal collar

Daisies collar

Peacock collar

Moustaches collar


Chatting Cats: Girls Love Jewelry

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s wanna tell everypawdy ‘bout our new jewelry. Mommy says all girly’s wear jewelry, and now sis Dezi and me do too. 817 more words


Home Made Cat Collars

My sister and I made homemade cat collars for our kittens.

English 4

Just Draw What's In Front of You. Even if it Meows.

I’ve drawn a lot of cat cartoons in my day, and in 2008 I finally published my first book, “Everyday Cat Excuses.” What an adventure that was! 242 more words

An absence of birds and rain

It has been a slow and boring March for us here, with painting, painting – and it seemed – yet more painting …We had a new porch built outside our front door last December.  769 more words

Our Seaview Home

Oliver, the "Hairy Houdini" of Cats

Hello Friends,

Oliver here. I’d like to share my “battle of the collar” with you. The humans have a rule; every member of The Tribe of Five must wear a collar with our names and the human’s phone number. 607 more words