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Add Some More Cuteness To The Feline Beauty With The Cat Bow Tie

My feline has always been a hater of cat collars, but these Polka Dot Bow Tie Collars made a difference for me. I always wondered how to convince my cat to wear collar, but with the help of the cute designs and bright colors of these bow ties, I could do it effortlessly. 114 more words

Cat Bow Ties

The Best Cat Collars Are on KittyKit

Maybe there still are people who think that Cat collars are nothing but a whim; however, is that a correct approach?!
Our KittyKit team is coming to land a helping hand and tell you why it is crucial for your cat to wear a collar; we are also offering you a wide variety of options to choose from, according to your preferences and personal practicality. 690 more words

Why Is It Important For Cats To Wear Collars?

I realized the importance of cat collars very recently. One evening my kitty went out for a walk and lost her path. It took me around two hours to find her. 325 more words

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Cat Collars


This week- actually all summer- we have been catching and eating a LOT of birds.

We were really proud of ourselves! 327 more words