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Cat Tree 101

If you are a feline parent then you know the destruction a bored cat can deliver. They will climb your bookcases knocking everything off the shelves, climb your curtains, scratch your couch, and sleep on you freshly laundered clothes. 820 more words

Our New Cat Tree

When we moved, the plan was to get rid of the cat’s old, beat-up cat tree and replace it with a new one for the new place, but the high cost of moving delayed that plan until now. 501 more words

Living With Cats

I decided to take a break from writing about gardening and crafty projects today to talk about cats.

I am a cat lady. And I’m the first person to admit it. 585 more words

Home Projects

DIY Cat Tree, House and Scratching Post

I was given a great spool. You know the giant spools electricians carry massive amounts of wire wrapped around? Well I was given one, and not gonna lie, the array of ideas that invaded my head of all the things I could do with said spool. 786 more words

Inside Stuff

Of Basil & Wheat Bread Twists & Cat Condos

Gene often jokes with our son that he married me for my bread baking!  He absolutely adores homemade bread, and he’s sure to be whistling a happy tune when he sees me putting some sort of yeast bread together for dinner.   679 more words


The Defiant One teaches me about courage

I found this quote on PaintersKeys.com the morning after I had made changes to my painting The Defiant One for all the wrong reasons. It seems all too appropriate for a discussion I was having the day before with a friend about the importance or lack of importance concerning perfect drafting skills. 718 more words