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Your Friday Art Cat Gets Moony

I knew it was a full moon week because people were driving dangerously, check out lines were slower, and, I was clumsier and more forgetful than normal.  165 more words


Listen to my ears!

Percy is STARVING* and is expressing his anguish with all of the waggling his considerable ears can muster. He can keep this up for the full our between now and actual cat teatime at 5pm, his protest punctuated by a strident “MwaaaH” and finally a gentle claw in the backside. 76 more words


Mindfulness Monday 6

Some of the best teachers of mindfulness and ‘being in the moment’ are animals.

– Richard J. Brewer 6 more words

Chronic Illness

Cat in the box

Cat in the box

Made with Paper by Cat In Blue


Your Friday Art Cat Enjoys the Garden

With the arrival of summer, the landscape is finally a cacophony of greenness. I’ve been putzing around the yard, weeding a thing here and there, planting a flower or two, and watching the perennials burst into being with the sexy force of nature. 152 more words