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Am I doing a cat series photograph? Oh well. Just look at her eyes. Isn’t it amazing? It’s as if just by looking at it she already knows your whole life and what kind of person you are. 63 more words


Look at me

I really don’t know where they came from. They just pop out of nowhere. Everywhere I go there are cats. It’s as if they’re following me. 83 more words



I like cats. Look at this beauty her eyes are just so alluring. The way she poses here truly makes her a classy cat. That subtle touch of the background, that stripes on point, that whiskers, nose, everything… Classy.


Portrait of a Curious Woman

Available on Amazon Art as a print: https://www.amazon.com/Portrait-of-a-Curious-Woman/dp/B019MERMX2/ref=art_owfa_11 22 more words


Blue Eyes Green Eyes

No one seems to know

what color my eyes

really are

in certain light they shine like beacons

in the dark night

one time they are blue… 26 more words