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Eye of the [tiny] Tiger

The true mysteries of those glowing, spooky, amazing eyes!

Why do cats’ eyes glow at night? Why don’t ours? And do they see as well as we do during the day? 819 more words

The EYES have it!

by Joshua Corn

Is Your Dog or Cat’s Vision Deteriorating? Most Likely YES!

It’s often said that eyes are the window to the soul, and your pet’s eyes are certainly no exception. 593 more words

Animal Health

The Vamp Stamp - Product Review

I will start by saying I am not a morning person.  Anything that will help cut down how much time it takes to get ready in the morning allowing me to sleep longer is something I will jump on. 1,090 more words


Halloween Thoughts

Today, I will…

Listen to Halloween by Dave Matthews Band and A Nightmare to Remember (instrumental) by Dream Theater.

Think about the original Flatliners and how right-on-the-money spooky it was. 224 more words

Wraps and Cats

First, I wanted to make sure I posted about about my cute little wrap top! It is from BooHoo and is just perfect for fall. Not only is it good to pair with pants for work like I did here with the olive, but it is great for a casual look as well. 175 more words