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Art: A Few Paintings I've Created

If you ever meet me in real life, you will quickly learn that I enjoy music and creating art. I’m blessed to be able to serve in the worship ministry at the church we attend. 482 more words

Coffee Shop

Bengal Cat Eyes

One of the first things noticed on a Bengal head is their eyes.  Eye color, shape and placement all play an integral part of how the overall look of the Bengal is portrayed.   1,583 more words



High on a counter,

bronze glass buttons watch closely,

a jar of biscuits

On a recent trip to the vet I noticed the unique doll-like button eyes of Princess, the office cat.   38 more words


Fish Eye Cat Eyes (OWPC: Fish Eye)

Looking through my archives for a photo to apply the Fish Eye effect, there seemed no better image then one I took earlier this week of a close-up photo of our darling Fergus. 46 more words


Make up goals: Cleopatra Style 

The last week was terrible. I’ve waited a very stressful appointment in hospital for my degenerative heart defect. I had several long tachycardias due to my stress which is not good for my heart health. 215 more words


Does Your Cat Speak to You?

Good question! It has been shown that cats do, indeed have their ways of speaking to you. All you have to do is to learn cat. 737 more words