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Kim Chi's fleas

We have a new kitten! We weren’t expecting to get a new kitten just yet but a friend called saying a kitten needed a home. Who can resist? 194 more words

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Flea Meds Don't Work

Despite the hype, people are coming to realize that flea medications for pets do not work over the long term. 499 more words


5 Ways to Extend Your Cats Life

1. Keep him indoors.

Cats that stay in tend to live longer, so one good way to keep kitty around as long as possible is to never let him outside!  752 more words


Flea Infestation - Help!

Help!! My two dogs (maltese) are being eaten alive by fleas! I am faithful w/applications of Revolution. The start of our problem was when the vet had me try Sentinel in Dec. 332 more words


FLEAS!!!! (And that's an understatement!)

So….you’re wondering why the fleas are so outrageous this year (ESPECIALLY IN FLORIDA!), well let me give you a little info; The weather has so much to do with it, and here in sunny Florida we have not had any real winter to speak of. 660 more words