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I Ate Cat Food

Well, that was quick and nasty.

Very nasty.

About a month ago, Nick challenged me to eat cat food.  I dismissed it right away, laughed it off.   220 more words


The quiet before the storm

Here they are right now, the rest of the furries – relaxing, sleeping, enjoying the quiet and not knowing what will come. But as the Boss of this household – I do. 123 more words


B.F.F., Food For Your Best Feline Friend

B.F.F., or Best Feline Friend, is brought to you by Weruva, the makers of Cats in the Kitchen and other canned cat and dog food. 402 more words

Bff Foods

Ask Dr. Swingle! - Kiki's Story: Older Cats and Kidney Disease

Kiki’s Story

Kiki is a 9-year-old longhaired Tortoiseshell feline that has been fighting advanced kidney disease for almost 2 years.  Kidney disease is the most common medical condition we see in older cats.  350 more words

Pet Health

How to be an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

How to be an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

Written by Michael Baumann

When caring for our pets, environmental consciousness may not seem like a priority. With just a few changes, though, any animal owner can become eco-friendly while helping their pets lead happier and healthier lives. 365 more words


Cat food eatting Chicken

We have a rooster that loves cat food, now he has brought one of the hens to the house to get in on the feast.

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