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Should you feed your spiky friend hedgehog food or cat food?

“What is the difference between hedgehog food and cat food?” I asked the vet.

“Cat food is made for cats and hedgehog food is made for hedgehogs,” he answered in a demeaning, negative tone. 703 more words


Topper Tuesday! Tacos or Sardines….

Well, here it is Topper Tuesday and how will my cat crew be celebrating? I know, you are thinking with fish tacos and a hearty whiff of catnip. 280 more words

Kitty meatballs: Freshpet

Today we boldly go into new frontiers: the refrigerator aisle and try Freshpet Vital Chicken & Beef.
What does the human think: These fresh from the refrigerator little nuggets taste like a cross between a liver dumpling and meatball. 108 more words


The Games We Play...

Most marriages go through a phase of learning to adapt to each other’s needs and learning the quirks and misgivings of your better half. After twenty-five years you would think H would learn how to read my mind because he’s always expecting me to read his. 276 more words

My Dribbles

Nothing like early Thanksgiving! 

Months from Thanksgiving the craving starts to set in… turkey, stuffing, gravy, gluttony… Interesting enough Proximo has the same cravings, but he likes a side of spiders instead of cranberry. 148 more words


To my (Future) Cat Daddy

I know this might come as a surprise but you have to share me with three men – three furry four-legged males, actually.

They are quite possessive of me since they have gotten used to having me to themselves for years. 814 more words