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Cat food

Sugary childrens’ cereal

shaped like stars

the colour of Mars

(planet not the bars)

so different to

breakfasts of ours

back so many years

may as well have a nibble… 47 more words


concerned cat parent.

I am not a cat person. Let me state that for the record. I am fiercely allergic to them. However, I’m also allergic to dogs and look how that turned out. 734 more words


Once there was a time pet owners had limited resources to choose the food of their pets. But today, pet food industry is growing rapidly fast and there are unlimited resources for food. 407 more words

Pet Food


Maine Coon is a large, tough and handsome cat breed. These cats have long, thick and weatherproof coat. They have a ruff around their neck and hairy ears to protect them. 348 more words

Pet Food

Yes, let's coordinate...

I agree, we need to coordinate our calendars better. Right here, yes, make sure there is someone available to cover opening the wet food.  #Caturday


Dogs on Food Stamps?

Recently there has been a petition put up to extend food stamps to cover things such as dog food or cat food. So far, it has garnered lots of support, with 234,000 signatures on Care2. 573 more words


Top Five Breeds of Cat & Best Food for Each Breed

Siamese:    Siamese is the popular cat since the nineteenth century. This breed of cat originated in Thailand (formerly known as Siam). These cats have pretty blue eyes. 506 more words

Pet Food