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The SECRET to Feeding Cats Raw Food 

So you’ve decided to feed your cats a raw food diet? Awesome. What happens when they won’t eat it? Today I’m going to give you my tips for transitioning picky cats to a species appropriate diet. 473 more words

Cat Treats: The Pros and Cons

There’s an alarming array of cat treats to select from on Spokane grocer and pet store aisles; from soft to crunchy, natural to tartar control; but up to fifty percent of these select morsels cause feline obesity. 629 more words

Cats Health Tips

How Much Should I Feed My Cat? - common question

Every cat owner has some confusion about how much i have to feed my cat everyday and what i have to feed to keep my cat healthy.  600 more words

Cats Health Tips

5 things you should know about cat food.

1) The cat eats meat

The most prominent is that the cat is primarily carnivorous, so the cat’s diet should be high in meats.

Cats eat beef, chicken, some pork and even white fish, and it is recommended that all of this meat is cooked. 417 more words

Yella Fella's New Eating Plan

Yella Fella has been on his new way of eating for one week now. This has been more difficult than expected.

I’ve got him eating canned food. 306 more words


Smorgasbord Pet Health - Christmas dinner for four legged Family and a FREE book from Sam, A Shaggy Dog

My usual Christmas post with some recipes for the fur family but this time Sam would like to share his story with you. If you would like a… 1,362 more words

It Is A Wonderful Life.

Finicky cat? Make meals more enticing with these tips

By Sandie Lee

Cats are notorious for being finicky eaters. They may take one sniff at a perfectly fine dish of food, then turn tail and leave the offending “slop” behind with an air of disgust. 708 more words