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"Colorful Spring" Etsy Treasury

This happy treasury was created by Oksana, an Etsy artisan who has a handmade jewelry shop called, “SanaGem”

I’m delighted that she included my “Mysterious Musings” Cat Journal in her treasury! 90 more words

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I am Pinceau / je m'appelle Pinceau

I though that I would let my cat introduce himself…hum difficult, so here’s a few photo and a new page under the PHOTO sections, the link… 304 more words


Still looking for Bear Creek Ringtail

The above picture was sent to me for review, I can tell that this is not a Bear Creek Ringtail because it does not have the spot pattern running along one of it’s eyes. 44 more words

Cat Journal

Living with OCD Cats

Like their human counterpart cats have OCD and BCR have it bad. However, that is one of the many things that make the breed stand out amongst the all others. 424 more words

Cat Journal

Skinning- Third day

1. Finish taking the skin of the limbs by cutting around the torri.
2. Take of the remaining mammary tissue

Materials used
– scalpel… 7 more words

Cat Journal

Skinning- second day

1. Continue with the vertical cut down the abdomen
2. Finnish cutting around the limbs.

– scalpel

Data collected
– the mass below the skin that we previously believed to be fat was mammary gland. 68 more words

Cat Journal