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Hello, World - Joey's Here!

Hi, everyone! My name is Joey,
and I’m the newest addition to Jennifer’s extended family.

Being Jennifer’s grand-kitten and knowing how much she loves all things feline, I happily agreed to visit her blog today. 147 more words


Look at this Cat

Look at this blasted cat. This is reason #17 for not getting anything done today. :D

I’m falling off my stool here. Would you just look at this cat! 17 more words



That’s right. I went missing. It was after Ma put a hammock in the garden. Obviously for me.

I was as happy as Larry with my lot in life. 280 more words


A winning Oscar

The most recent feline to enjoy the hospitality of our outdoor pen is Oscar, a chubby chap with a big personality.

Fosterer Teresa thinks he looks not dissimilar to the late, great Pavarotti, being smartly dressed in a tuxedo-like coat and a little on the large side! 224 more words

Meet My Cat | Henry!

Blogging is all about writing about things you love… right? So why not write about my ultimate love – cats, in particular, my cat Henry! He is a 2-Year-Old Ginger Tom Cat who loves to sleep and eat dreamies. 384 more words


My Wish List

How many of you like making lists, as I do?  I have lists of all kinds, in all places–online, in journals, notebooks, everywhere.  So, since my birthday is coming up in about a week, I was thinking I would share my wish list.   495 more words

Wednesday's Words Of Wisdom Brought To You By Colette and Me

You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm!

I went to collect the few personal belongings which…I held to be invaluable: my cat, my resolve to travel, and my solitude. 355 more words

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