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Spread The Love To Cat-Fans With These Purrfect Gift Ideas

If you have read my posts before, you will know how much I love my fur babies. In fact, I treat them like they are my children sometimes. 1,257 more words

Fact: Cats Are Just People Trapped Inside Tiny, Hairy Bodies

I truly believe that my cat is a person trapped inside a tiny, hairy body. Allow me to explain because the sentence truly does sound insane without any context. 292 more words


Cat in Striped Pajamas by Hannah Alexander


We rescued him. Readers named him. I plan to feature him soon in my next novel, incorporating an incredible journey. Unfortunately, Mel keeps the pictures of him in his computer and he’s at work, so I can’t show you our cat in striped pajamas right now. 547 more words

Hannah Alexander


Especially for cat lovers, hope you enjoy the cat pictures!

A Call to All Cat Lovers Far and Wide...

Hello Dear Followers,

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that I am always looking for photos of your cats to post on thekittycatclan.com. 45 more words


Review : Kin Nom Chom Maew Cafe

Are you looking for a place to meet a friend for a cup of coffee? Or a place where you can relax? If that’s what you’re looking for, then you should come here “Kin Nom Chom Maew Cafe”. 392 more words


Cute Kittens

Okay so I know I was supposed to post yesterday but I got super busy so I decided to post these pictures of cute little pictures of kittens to make it up to you guys! 25 more words