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The On/Off Switch

Dear Faithful Readers – I have not forgotten you. I have longed to share my recent escapades with you. However, my human has been on the computer practically non-stop (well, it feels like non-stop). 285 more words


Emotional & thankful 💚💟

Here I am getting emotional over my cat, while there are people who gets emotional over real life issues, their next babies and marriage proposals. 343 more words


Q&A: Purrr-fect Felines

I wish to return to one of the questions still lingering from fan mail:

Do you have any tips for humans who want to adopt the purrfect feline friend?

132 more words

Woe-filled Wednesdays

Today was one of those days.

I thought my human went missing again. I stared at my empty food bowl thinking about how I could pry the bag open to get a few more kibbles in. 153 more words


Q&A: Worthy humans and purrfect feline friends

I am quite pleased at the overwhelming support in this project that I have undertaken. In fact, one of my readers has decided (wisely) to seek my advice on a matter that I presume is on many of my readers’ minds. 410 more words


On choosing your human

One of the most important decisions to make in your kitten-hood is on choosing your human. Since I have had some success in this area, I thought I would share with you my story and some of the tips that I have. 673 more words