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My escape

Dear Faithful Readers – I know I have slacked on writing. Truth be told, I was planning my escape into the big wide world. It dawned on me that there is much to explore, places to see, humans to meet. 448 more words

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The Center of The Cativerse

For two days in June, Los Angeles will become the center of the ‘Cativerse’ when it hosts the first ever convention and expo for cat lovers. 457 more words

Friskies Seafood Sensations

Wow!  To read cat food reviews in preparation of this article, you’d think the outcome involved Freedom of Religion or a new 90% tax rate!  The final determination?   125 more words


HoW aBoUt SoMe NeWs FrOm JaPaN ?

Have a look at this video, you’ll learn a very astounding and cute fact :) This video is dedicated to cat lovers !

Video from BBC


A Letter To My Cats

Dear Cats

You’ve lived in my house for quite awhile now, Cats, and I think its time that we finally cleared some things up. Sure, you think you’re all cute when you puur and settle into my lap for a nice long behind the ear rub, but truth is,  1,371 more words


Delete button

One of the great mysteries about humans is their propensity to work long hours, to run around like a chicken with its head cut off and to come home only to do more work. 370 more words

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