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Top 20 Cat Memes of the Month, January edition

New monthly feature: Top Cat Memes of the Month

This first blogging month has been totally Pinterest crazy. Rather unexpectedly, the HumansForCats cat memes board has been… 132 more words


7 Things That Make a Great Zumba Instructor

Let me just place this disclaimer here:

I am by no means saying that I am a pro at knowing what makes a great Zumba instructor, this list is just my opinion of what instructors can do to improve their classes and get their students to keep coming back.

1,858 more words

The Productivity Perks of Cat Memes (Yes, Seriously)

Admit it: you’ve spent a few minutes at your desk clicking through cat memes instead of actually doing the work you’re supposed to be doing. 387 more words


16 priceless cat pictures: the alternative cone of shame

Cats hate the dreaded cone of shame (aka funnel of shame aka food funnel).

…but some cats do it to themselves with alternative items. Here are 16 priceless pictures of these crazy cat antics, with a few real cones of shame mixed in. 117 more words