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Good morning furiends!😺 ☕

It’s FURIDAY!! Time to have some laughs!

I’m going to be sticking extra close to the human today in case she gets any ideas about taking off with the Creature and it’s Mom – because whether she knows it or not, we have plans today! 29 more words


So, About that Kitten

Matt and I own the most adorable kitten.

Wait, let me rephrase to something more accurate: Matt and I are slaves to a kitten… katten… evil demon from hell who looks cute sometimes but is actually secretly plotting how to murder us with her tiny, tiny claws. 272 more words

Tubster Tuesday 

Well good morning Furiends, Fuzzballs and Fleabags! 😺 ☕

It’s time to remember the ginger kats in your life – or the stray ginger kat you found in your car the other day, or the neighbor’s ginger kat that keeps “fertilizing” your flower bed – (be NICE)! 60 more words