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Finally somebody has found the best possible use for cat memes

Am I really going to talk about cat memes for the second time in my last three blog posts?

Too late. I’ve already started.

The entertainment value of posting cat pictures is widely documented. 428 more words

Weingrad Keeps Up With The News

Winter Reminder

With winter fast approaching, remember:

Dog Memes

The Ultimate Guide To Cat Memes Self-Motivation

Lessons on self-motivation are probably the biggest cliché on the Internet. The only other thing that can serve as worthy competition to self-motivation are cat memes. 1,799 more words


Cat Capers

Wonder who will win?

A mathema-cat-ion problem?

Not very prac-cat-al cats!

Very prac-cat-al cats!

Breathing, blue-eyed iPad cover…PRICELESS!

This kitten has too much time on its paws! 81 more words


Bugs, pines, and cranes

So I’m still doing the minhwa painting class. After a series of small insect paintings, I’ve started a larger and more difficult painting called a songhak (“pine and crane”).

47 more words