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A Return to Cats: Adventure is at Hand

I’m standing in the middle of my living room, a peapod in one hand and a clump of cat hair in the other. I hear the final thump of a solid body racing up the stairs to hide under the bed. 2,286 more words

Short Stories

Why Does My Cat Rub Against My Legs?

Is Autumn trying to trip me?

Well, no.  Unlike in the cartoons, your cat is not planning to make you fall on your face by wrapping around your legs the instant you walk in the door with an arm load of groceries. 274 more words


A very sick cat

Yet again  had to return to the vet, who was very concerned because she was losing weight. She’s an elderly lady and hasn’t any spare fat on her. 236 more words


Why Do Some Cats Groom Their Owner's Hair? - Beautiful reasons

Hi, as a cat owner, you may be experienced with this thing. Cats are intelligent animals, and all of us know cats brain is more similar to a human brain. 257 more words


9 Cat Behavior facts - why does my cat do this

A can owner can observe many irrelevant things in cat behavior because any can’t study a cat behavior completely. Today i am going to share with you few facts and reasons about cat behavior, those all of things you literally known with your cats. 544 more words


Signs of a healthy cat - ultimate facts for cat owners

Every cat owner has to know is their cat is healthy or not. Its true, but the question is how can proceed to check these, answer is here. 442 more words


Great facts and tips for A kitten 1st 6 weeks life - Owners should know

The first six week life a kitten will will do much in determining his personality and character for the rest of his life. As health care, this period is also extremely important to the developing kitten, as very young kittens are susceptible to a number of serious threats, such as fleas and Upper Respiratory Infections. 496 more words