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The Thing About Kitties Is

For many years my interactions with cats were few and far between mainly due to a severe allergy. During my childhood I couldn’t get anywhere near a cat without breaking out in hives and contracting very horribly itchy, puffy, and watery eyes. 471 more words


Cats Are Good Medicine

One lesson I learned as a child was that no matter how bad things got, my pet was always there to comfort me.  Although she was a dog (gasp!), she seemed to sense when I needed to just sit and hold her for comfort. 338 more words

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Halfway House

As time went on, Oscar found himself with fewer and fewer points of entertainment. Dedicated as ever, his humans tried numerous things to keep him busy, to little avail. 59 more words


World Record Cats - Creme Puff

Creme Puff

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Creme Puff Other name(s) Crème Puff Species Felis catus Sex Female Born August 3, 1967
Austin, Texas, … 146 more words

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Feeding your feline.

I’m writing this because of the previous post i reblogged from Adventures In Cat Fostering as it’s an issue that need’s to be addressed. I am not a cat nutritionist, so i don’t know the full in’s and out’s on the subject, but there are some simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to feeding your beloved friend. 866 more words


Did You Know? Facts About Your Cat

I love finding out new facts about my cats, and I thought I’d share with everyone!  Be sure to quiz your cats too if they claim to “know it all”! 623 more words

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Should Serval Cats Be Housecats?

This question was brought up on a news article I saw last night on TV.  A woman decided to purchase an exotic pet license in order to buy a serval.  93 more words

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