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New flat

Visited a friend who has moved into her new flat. Very nice,two bedrooms, kitchen etc but with the added bonus of a balcony. As she is unlikely to be going out on her own the balcony gives her the opportunity to sit in the sun and invest in some people watching. 123 more words


My tail song.

As my tail is intricately crooked and Pixie’s (my new little sister) tail is bent on it’s base and a bit on the tip, we created a Tail Song for you. 116 more words



I am described as an early bird compared to a night owl which means that by early afternoon I’m wilting, so I often take myself off to bed for a rest. 180 more words


Who's The Boss

I can’t believe I’m freaking blogging about a cat. But here’s the deal; I think my new cat might hate me. At the very least she is just tolerating me. 1,383 more words

I Got Owned

Good God, I did it.

I got a cat.

I’m not 100% certain why I got a cat. I mean I have some reasons, but I’ve always considered myself a dog person. 2,850 more words

How am I doing in my 3rd day being a cat owner?

Jamie the cat and I are doing really well. It is a very well mannered cat. So far there has been no aggression or biting/scratching kind of events. 595 more words


Strength you your elbow, little man

By rights, I shouldn’t be a cat person. Growing up our pets were goldfish, snails*, guinea pigs and eventually dogs – by which I mean I’m not exactly used to having cats around. 1,214 more words