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True love is

The look a cat gives you when you open a can of food and dump it into their bowl.

The Position Of Best Cat In The World Is Open Once Again

This is Fifi. She was the best cat in the world until yesterday, when she died at the age of fourteen.

(This post is picture-heavy, because Fifi was very beautiful.) 1,471 more words


A Return to Cats: Adventure is at Hand

I’m standing in the middle of my living room, a peapod in one hand and a clump of cat hair in the other. I hear the final thump of a solid body racing up the stairs to hide under the bed. 2,286 more words

Short Stories

Why Does My Cat Rub Against My Legs?

Is Autumn trying to trip me?

Well, no.  Unlike in the cartoons, your cat is not planning to make you fall on your face by wrapping around your legs the instant you walk in the door with an arm load of groceries. 274 more words


A very sick cat

Yet again  had to return to the vet, who was very concerned because she was losing weight. She’s an elderly lady and hasn’t any spare fat on her. 236 more words



Mr. Trixie stole my fudgsicle today!

I couldn’t believe it. He’s never done anything like this before. But he sure has now. In fact he did it 3 times! 40 more words

Family Pets

Little Prankster

So Mr. Trixie has his way of waking me up. Actually he has several ways. One of them is to jump up on my elliptical machine. 81 more words

Adventures Of Mr. Trixie