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Latest Forecast - Kitty Condo Market Poised for Growth Amidst Uncertainty

Citing strong headwinds in the construction sector and increased lending due to low interest rates, local real estate expert Smuckers the cat issued positive projections for the “kitty condo” market for the first half of 2017. 286 more words

18 Sneaky Spies Who Should Totally Be In The CIA

1. This secret agent.

CuteKittenMittens / Via reddit.com

2. This master of disguise.

NobodyUnderstandsMe / Via imgur.com

3. This curious investigator.

thecroshley / Via reddit.com… 152 more words

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18 Times Cats Were Actually Relatable AF

1. This evening routine:

2. This morning routine:

3. This betrayal:

4. This horrible situation:

5. These really believable poses:

6. This terrible mistake:

7. This existential crisis:

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12 Slightly Weird Things All Cat Owners Have Definitely Done

1. Trying to hold hands with your cat even though they never really like it.

You just can’t resist their soft paddy paws.

2. Regularly stepping on cat litter while trying to go to the loo in the middle of the night.

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27 Of The Best Pet Toys You Can Get On Amazon

We hope you love the products we recommend! 

1. A poop emoji plush that’ll be their new sleeping buddy.

Promising review: “This toy is pretty solidly constructed. 2,469 more words

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Literally Just A Bunch Of Photos Of Cats Sitting In Tiny Chairs

1. “Wha? You got me MY OWN CHAIR?”

2. “It’s only for kittens? Not for humans?”

3. “It’s the perfect size for all of my kitty activities!”

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17 Pictures That Prove Cats Truly Don’t Give A Fuck

1. Not only do cats not understand the concept of personal property…

2. …or personal space…

3. …or personal hygiene…

4. …they fundamentally don’t understand right and wrong.

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