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5 Things Only Cat Owners Can Relate To

If you have or ever had a pet cat, you can totally relate to the 5 common cat behaviors that we are about to share with you. 371 more words


Ensuring The Health of Your Cat Throughout Its Life

Pets are so much more than ‘just animals’, they really are part of the family so ensuring their health and wellbeing throughout their life is of the utmost importance. 1,198 more words

10 Things All Cats Know To Be True That Humans Should Learn From

Being a cat owner comes with its own special brand of crazy. From the constant scratches lining your arms to the stockpile of twist ties and strings in every corner of your house, living with a cat is both a blessing and a curse.  406 more words

Meet Fonzie

The marketability of feline fodder is apparent with the recent movie premiere of Keanu; a comedic romp about a kitten who is dangerously coveted by gangbangers and rescued by comedy duo Key and Peele. 969 more words

Cole and Marmalade Community

Would YOU like to live in a safe pet friendly community? Sugar Grove Station is a wonderfully maintained, practically self-sustaining community nestled in the West Virginia mountains. 440 more words


June 9th, 2016

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Moving with Cats

In total we’ve driven almost 5000 miles with Cole and Marmalade on two cross country moves, Florida to California in 2014 and then California to Illinois in 2016. 2,157 more words