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You Might Be a Cat Owner...

You might be a cat owner if…

…anytime you need a ponytail holder you just go get one from the floor in pretty much any room of your house. 219 more words

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Cats get a bad rap.

Not that they aren’t cherished. They’re probably more celebrated today than they ever were in Ancient Egypt. But there’s been (a really stupid) battle between owners of dogs and cats over the years about the superiority of their animal. 1,013 more words

"No Longer By My Side, But Forever In My Heart" Necklace

Who else has a cat they miss? 😥 These are the perfect way to remember your kitty friends 🐱🐾 Currently on sale for $7 with free worldwide shipping!!  9 more words

Cat Lovers

Is there a difference between dog and cat owners/ lovers?

Is there a difference between cat and dog owners? Some studies say that there is, and when you think of each pet, it makes sense. Dogs are more active and social and cats quieter and less playful than a dog. 354 more words


Single chicks and cats

Whats up with single chicks and cats? Asked the stereotyped POF Male seeking femal member.

“Clearly you dont get pussy” was my response.

Our socioculture myth likes to poke fun with sayings such as “Another bad date, time to get another cat” 42 more words

Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Researchers from Carroll University in Wisconsin completed a study which concluded that cat people scored higher on intelligence than dog people

Cats are less slobbery than dogs


A Rant from Strider the Cat  – My Human is Despicable

I am a reasonable cat, but lately I have been feeling frustrated.  She is a horrible person, and there is nothing I can do about it.    690 more words