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Friday Things

It’s been a challenging week, to say the least. My new senior kitty is still in the throes of getting used to me, and I am still in the throes of getting used to trying to reason with a creature who doesn’t understand English. 480 more words


Day 13

The scale is still in it’s annoyingly stupid range of unbudging venomous imbecility. Since week 2 is wrapping up this week, I’ll be doing measures. I’ll post my initial measures along with the week 2 measures and see if this is at least gonna give me a glimmer of hope. 492 more words

Fat Loss

5 Useful Hacks for Cat Owners

It’s a common misconception that owning a cat requires little to no effort. The notion that all that Kitty needs is food, fresh water and the odd rub on the back has long been disproven. 537 more words

Cat Hacks

Five Reasons You Should Consider Dating A Cat Lady!

So tough guy, think dating a cat lady isn’t up your alley? Well think again!

While I’m  a dog person myself, nothing against kitty cats, I just own dogs. 538 more words


Being a cat owner

Xena, I have a kitty named Xena.

this is Xena. She’s 6 months old and a little punk. Now, I’m a first time cat owner. And as a first time cat owner you learn things the Animal Shelter didn’t tell you… 209 more words