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Uninvited Guests

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: If you are a cat or a dog, is there anything better than an unattended table of food? Nope – it is the best. 306 more words

Mona + Boots

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: This is the kind that makes up one strata of my cat photo collection. Happy people posing with their cats, and I have written about it at some length in previous posts. 322 more words

Jenny Reed

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: This photo postcard of this nicely turned out little girl with her cat attracted me in part because of the extreme patience on the part of that kitty. 229 more words

Three of a Kind

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: As a self-professed lover of the tuxedo cat genre this photo called my name. There’s nothing on the back, but I imagine this as three generations of one family of cats. 240 more words

Breaking News

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: This is an image I have seen and been entertained by before. For some reason I decided to buy this particular card because of the writing on the front – not often, but sometimes that seems to make a postcard call to me. 150 more words

Throwback Kitten Thursdays

Pictures all from the first four months of having both of them. They’ve really grown! (But they’re always your little babies and that’s why we’re crazy cat ladies/men.) 20 more words

Bengal Cats