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8 Days

8 Days until I get to see this handsome guy….



Effie executed this magnificent 4-foot (1.22 meters) leap, from the counter to the table. I used a shutter speed of 1/1300 sec.

Vic’s photo emphasizes the distance of Effie’s jump.

Action & Being

Effie's Hat Day

Like most pretty young girls, Effie enjoys trying a new hat, in different ways, and then thinking about it.

Action & Being

Most of us probably are not able to do this. . .

And Effie is nonplussed that she has entrusted her care to such hopeless creatures.

Action & Being

Harree & Lefty at the Vet

Jimmy took Harree and Lefty to the vet earlier today for some rechecks. Jimmy opened up both the carriers once inside the vets office, and then Harree did this:

Safety in numbers?


Happy Caturday! Photo Post!

The cats were not posed, they love sitting, sleeping, laying, relaxing next to each other. The third picture of Calamities yawning is one of my favorites. 12 more words

For The Love Of Cats