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The Big Happy Family

Michael lives with his wife, daughter, nephew, and sister in law. He doesn’t really remember exactly when he started rescuing cats, but around six years ago the family had two kittens from the street. 571 more words

Cat Sanctuary

Kiro Cat 2 Cat

One day in 2013, Caroline and Dian rescued two cats named Kicung and Romo. These two cats, whose name can be combined “KiRo”, inspired them to rescue more cats. 288 more words

Cat Sanctuary

The Pedicab Cats

The bridges in Indonesia’s big cities are known to be homes for the homeless. This time in Surabaya, the 2nd biggest city after Jakarta, a bridge (Jembatan Nginden) over Jagir river is the home for cats. 526 more words

Cat Sanctuary

Yuni's Cat House

Yuni has been living with cats pretty much as long as she’s alive. As an adult, she started rescuing sick/wounded cats from the streets. Even in a small rented room, she lived with a dying cat from time to time. 504 more words

Cat Sanctuary

The Garden Cats

Have you ever thought of a semi-sanctuary on an abandoned land? It’s interesting. D&E are two ladies who call their activity SF = Stray Feeding. It’s a common abbreviation used in various Indonesian cat groups on Facebook. 454 more words

Cat Sanctuary

With Autumn Comes Change

Seeing bits of sand scattered on the bed of my trunk made me stop the mindless loading of cat food and litter I’d just purchased during my lunch break. 442 more words

Eni's Cat House

Eni’s love for cats began in 1983 when she got a pair of cats. Back then, neutering your pets was an unknown idea to most of the world. 639 more words

Cat Sanctuary