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A step too far?

William: large-and-in-charge (when awake)

Small, fluffy and ferocious: Frizzle, another Wild One from the cat sanctuary

Photos were aiming to be ‘moody and atmospheric’.

Suspect I may have taken a step too far, into ‘grainy and unrecognisable’ territory. 22 more words



At tuna day yesterday, I saw a little tuxedo cat sitting alone at the curb, behind an expired bread stall (here people sell bread one or two days past expired date and some still buy them because those are all they can afford); but my attention was drawn to another tuxedo a few steps away, sniffing under some a fish stall for some remains. 1,080 more words


Rocky's Diary

I want a snack. I really really want a snack.


Jade's Diary

This morning I watched the ducks again. Then I took a nap after my hard morning.


Ivy's Diary

Today Rocky recited “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” to us after dinner. He is quite the poet. “What a lovely pussy, you are, you are. 11 more words



I need an inhaler, and I need it fast.
I caught running nose from someone in the community garden last week and it lingers. Then the runny nose turned into sticky mucus and I can’t breathe, and I lost my inhaler (turned out it’s in my pocket and I washed it. 320 more words