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Dark days washed away with Clueless Angel!

Whenever the blue clouds in my sky suddenly unfurl into a stone grey and icy raincoat foretelling rain, they put Clueless firmly inside my heart. She was a granite grey and white cat I met at a friend’s cat shelter. 539 more words


Gary arrived two minutes early for his interview and took the only seat available in the stuffy warm lobby at Vita-Life Insurance. His nose twitched and his eyes watered. 630 more words


Sadness can be a palpable thing. It can fill up a whole house like dense fog. Days ago, it drifted around our apartment in thick curls of scentless cloud until it had permeated every inch of air and the only way to breathe was to get out of there. 802 more words

Oh, For Pet's Sake!

Pet Story: Little Bear

Meet Little Bear, a nine-year cat who has been raised by a loving family.

Before Little Bear came into her family’s life, the family found her mother abandoned. 276 more words

Animal Lovers

The Coolest Cat on Earth

My life totally changed when Jimi Hendrix, my ginger cat, showed me the amazing soul that he had. Our guests brought him to our homey hostel, they saw him on the street and asked our permission to give him a place to stay and being taking care of. 517 more words

Best Cat Ever

My Little Foie Gras Karma Cat & Me

My Little Foie Gras Karma Cat & Me

The two tiny kittens, as small as my aunt’s gorgeous pink rose tea cups from Harrods , were waiting for me one evening when I returned from the library. 1,205 more words

Is your cat bikini ready?

To the untrained eye my cats can sometimes appear a bit strange. Different. I forgot about this a long time ago, but sometimes I can still see it in visitors’ looks. 377 more words

Devon Rex