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Is your cat bikini ready?

To the untrained eye my cats can sometimes appear a bit strange. Different. I forgot about this a long time ago, but sometimes I can still see it in visitors’ looks. 377 more words

Devon Rex

On Pet Loss: a tribute to wraithy wraith

My first cat died. My mom and I took her to the vet and had her euthanized because she developed breast cancer and her arthritis in her hips was getting worse. 1,204 more words

Misc (the Non-fiction Rambles)

Microfiction Three Line Tales: A new life

For Sonya’s Three Line Tales prompt. A cat story.

Raymond’s old lady hadn’t stirred that morning, not even when he licked her face and meowled very loudly in her ear, and he couldn’t get into the plastic container where she kept the biscuits. 61 more words


Hello all! Welcome to another week! I can’t believe May is almost over, we’re on our last week. Today, I wanted to share with you the story of the kittens that we have at our house right now. 626 more words

The Sunneh Post

I’m still away, hopefully having a blast and sketching a lot. In the meantime, here’s the second cat post, this time it’s all about Sunneh. 469 more words


The Dish Post

Hi! You have reached Rediskot’s Blog. She’s not here right now, please leave a comment after the beep…

Seeing how I can’t really comment on what’s going on with me right now, since I’m writing this from the past, I thought I should go even further back and tell you lovely lot about Rediska, aka Dish, the older one of my two goofy cats. 678 more words


Does your cat call you when she's in trouble?

Chatblis is a taciturn little animal. A philosopher by nature. She doesn’t need her voice in order to lead a pleasant life. I only really got to know the sound of her voice when she was already a year old. 363 more words

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