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I'm Back!

Now that the dust has settled, I can sit back and reflect on the success of my book release party. By success I mean everything went as smoothly as I had hoped. 746 more words

I'm so proud I could melt!

Under Construction! I will add photos and more soon!

Bella: 2-3 years old

Bella is the pinnacle of a GEM you find at a shelter. Here is Bella’s story: 583 more words

Cat Rescue

Updates: Short and Sweet

This week I’m keeping my blog post short, so I can focus on planning, studying, and more.

Ouji the Curious Cat debuts this Thursday, February the 9th! 85 more words

Family circle

Our small family of three makes a circle. We follow one another all the time. Since I was a kitten, I needed to be everywhere where Mom was and Pixie is the same for some reason. 380 more words


Count Down to Launch Day!

We’re live! Well, sort of, I recently added my book to Goodreads, just in time for folks to add it to their Goodreads 2017 Readings Challenge. 144 more words

The story of Orion and Cassiopeia: Part 2

If you’ve missed Part 1 click here!

Parker and the swat
Eventually we adopted another cat, this one we named Parker for his short gray fur, which looked like it was parkerized. 1,418 more words