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Yoshi's Book Reviews - Doctor Cat

Greetings! Yoshi here with a new book review. Today I’ll be looking at Doctor Cat by Sarah Sobole:

As a cat detective, I’m a big fan of cats in other professions so I was quite interested in a book about a cat physician. 96 more words


When men love cats

When you are a cat lady, you are likely subscribe to all the cat groups and pages on Facebook. Once a while you see a story about a dude or some firefighters saved some cats and kitten then you go… awweee. 241 more words


My Fur-babies

We have many cats and kittens come in and out of our lives, now let me introduce you the cats that stay forever.

My husband has Zelda, our oldest and only girl kitty for over 16 years now, she is a beautiful tuxedo cat, she doesn’t move much, probably because she is an old lady. 394 more words


Midnight - My most meaningful relationship

Yesterday I had to re-home Midnight, the cat I had for 15 years. I adopted him from Toronto Humane Society when he was just a young 7 months old kitten when I was in college. 398 more words


The Hotel Cat

Inspired by the story of my friend Wolfgang H., Austria: “She was a feral cat and lived from what the guests of a Hotel have released and she prefers even today good upscale hotel food: the hotel management wanted to bring her in a shelter or kill. 103 more words


moomin the wonder cat

So this is the story of how I got my beloved Marmalade Tabby, Moomin.

Just a little explanation: the picture above shows him in his true derpy form and I apologize for that, it’s just that I love that particular one because he was sitting on my lap and rolling around and being his usual fluffy self and I attempted to take a selfie with him, but he realized I was sneaking my phone to the front, ready to press the button, and he pulled off a weird face when he looked absolutely majestic beforehand. 1,337 more words


In Which a Girl Follows a Cat

The cool flow of the water rippled between my clammy toes and placed me in a soothing day dream. I sighed peacefully as the warm rays of the beaming sun embraced my body. 677 more words