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Story about My Lil Cat Kimiko

Dear all, i’m sorry for being late post my weekly blog! Because my week until end this month i must prepare packing move to Japan. As you knew, when moving so many stuff we can bring or not. 1,388 more words


Helping Paws (are important too)

The typical house cat has been incredibly designed with two front paws. The front paws may seem ordinary as they aid the cat in walking, running, climbing, playing and of course catching birds and mice but they do even more.   940 more words


Kapooka and Trinity

Though Kapooka; A Crossovers Pet was planned and formulated to draw attention to the other books in the Crossovers Anthology through the Seamus Adams character’s telling of the story, it is a story about my real baby kitty cat. 2,052 more words

Cat Story

My Zen Cat and the Brassiere Man

I met this Zen cat many years ago when I visited the 100 odd cats that lived on two terraces belonging to a friend. He lived just behind my newspaper office where I worked, obsessed with digging out investigative stories about frauds, crooks, thugs and of course the morons who got conned by them! 723 more words

The Kitten who came Home with the Ku Klux Clan or perhaps Steven Seagal?

The Kitten who came home with the Ku Klux Clan or perhaps Steven Segal?!!!

The evening had darkened suddenly

When I left the park and visited the… 446 more words

The Tortoise Cat who showed me how to dig for delight inside agony

The Tortoise Cat who taught me to dig for delight even inside agony

It was that year of my tremulous entry into the new planet of the felines padding into my life, when I met the Tortoise cat who came to coax me to check out the joys of lazing around, anywhere anytime, even inside the tangled webs of misery or mistakes! 585 more words


In a small cosy cottage

Lived Mrs McTats

She lived all alone

Except for one cat

Every morning she left

As the clock struck eight… 600 more words