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My Zen Cat and the Brassiere Man!(2)


My Zen Cat and the Brassiere Man! (2)

When I first began to realize that the meaning of the word Zen was stitched neatly inside the grey brown bronze coat of that terrace cat, small crumbs of magic began to seep out of our connection. 594 more words

How I met my Zen Cat

How I met My Zen Cat

When I was working in a newspaper office, many years ago, I often collided with the dark, dolorous serpents of jealousy and stupidity that squiggle around in offices all over the world. 292 more words

Books, Postcards, and Comics Festivals

Today I went and picked up 100 shiny new copies of “Spaced Out”, the new Quadra Cats book! They look fabulous — 24 nice thick pages with a semi-gloss cover — Jazz, Tux, Scatcat, and Alien Cat never looked so good! 133 more words


Jamie Shank's Exciting, New Full-Length Novels

Four novels by Jamie Shank have recently been published in ebook format on Amazon.com. This is a word of mouth project so far, for the most part, and these books are being sold for very reasonable prices to promote this thrilling new saga. 1,217 more words

Do your cats fight too?

My two cats get along well. This is not a given. At all. Different cats in one house can wage terrible wars. There are countless stories about cats that are being bullied and end up living in a cold outhouse, banished by their housemates. 403 more words

Devon Rex

Say what?! My cat is too fat? Omg!

The veterinarian told me: Chatblis is getting too fat. Every year she puts on another 200 grams and that’s no good.

Once I had a cat that was slowly transforming into a big balloon. 359 more words

Devon Rex

From the Mind: Poetry and Prose

Taking a Break Behind the Building of My Photo Ops

It’s cold, he shivers, struggling to find warmth in the February air.
Huddled in the corner he looks over his shoulder, 448 more words

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