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Happy Canada Day!

my beautiful country is celebrating its birthday today and we hall have the day off work! Hooray! I love being not at work when no one else is there. 1,249 more words

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Time for a cat story

We had a minor cat drama last night. At 11.30pm youngest daughter comes down to our room to tell us that the Little Cat, known as Nina to some, Ploddy to others, and Mongolita to one unkind brute, has jumped out through the roof window and is fighting with Otto the big unloved Turkish Van cat. 437 more words

My Animals And Other Family


… you desperately stare at the small red dot, knowing you will never have an opportunity to retrieve it, to murder it, to consume it, and it comes and goes, and you hope, you have a way of falling into stagnation when you look too closely, but generally are able to distract yourself with some other toy, but nothing is better than knowing it is out there, that unknown, because what good would it do to find it, to attain it, for it to fall into your paws, the wrong paws, and you reach out, grab it, and like that elusive fly, there is nothing in your paw, and you wonder how you got to this particular room, you can only go back so far before you find gaps, and still you wonder, what is in that empty space?

Short Stories

Run Mickey, run!

It is not even ten o’clock when Pernod places the fifth mouse of the day on my terrace. My three-year-old male settles contentedly next to his victim and looks at me, clearly in anticipation of compliments. 255 more words


My Bestfriends

A soft cotton ball that hear all you sighs and complaints, wipe your tears and replace your sorrow with joy. Introducing my bestfriend, the meows. I am not saying that there is no human being who will understand my heart. 632 more words

Los Animales

Yoshi's Book Reviews - Doctor Cat

Greetings! Yoshi here with a new book review. Today I’ll be looking at Doctor Cat by Sarah Sobole:

As a cat detective, I’m a big fan of cats in other professions so I was quite interested in a book about a cat physician. 96 more words