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“Look at you. Cuttin’ your eyes at me over some yellow nigga. I bet his people barbecue on the front porch.” Lace tapped the ash off of her Newport and barely looked at her daughter. 772 more words

Flash Fiction

Micro Fiction: The Lament of Mr. Whiskers

The Lament of Mr. Whiskers

 by Sara Codair

“I think I preferred your old hobby,” said Mr. Whiskers. With his sleek, black fur and yellow eyes, he looked like a mini-panther. 210 more words

The Incredible Story of Tommy, the Lost Cat

We were recently asked to post an ad about a friendly cat that had been hanging around an estate in Midleton to see whether he was a local making himself comfortable at other people’s houses or a lost cat needing to be reunited with his owner. 500 more words

Cat Welfare

A Moment

Cat made sure her legs were a good distance from her body. She kept her back firm against the wall. She tried not to think of the possibility of rats running under her bare butt. 566 more words

Flash Fiction

Winning Short Story: Mama’s Purfect Day by Richard Marra

Watch the June 2016 Winning Short Story

Mama’s Purfect Day by Richard Marra

Story performed by Marsha Mason

Get to know the winning writer:

1. What is your 1pg Short Story about? 279 more words

Meet Cute

Cat didn’t smell narc on the woman at the end of the bar but she definitely had ulterior motives for answering her ad. She observed the woman closely with feelings that could easily slip into a crush. 701 more words

Flash Fiction

Studying the National Electric Code with Frick and Frack

My new pullets needed to learn to not be afraid of humans.  I really needed to spend time with them for socialization training.  I also have a backlog of homework and studying from a series of medical issues in my household.  127 more words

Success Gardening In The Mojave Desert