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Guest Star: Angels Unaware - reblogged from Katzenworld

Here is a sweet and thought-provoking story which I enjoyed and wanted to pass on to others. Read Angels Unaware, by  Andrea Gaines.

Source: … 7 more words


CAT STORY: Kisah Tumbuh Kembang Dua Anak Kucing

Setelah video prolog Cat Story di youtube, akhirnya saya masuk pada episode pertama dua anak kucingku yang lucu. Video ini berfokus pada tumbuh kembang dua anak kucing yang kuberi nama Cookie dan Bisty. 185 more words


CAT STORY: Tentang Cerita Kucingku

Awalnya tak pernah berniat sedikitpun untuk memelihara kucing. Hingga suatu hari datang kucing kampung, ya sebut saja kucing lokal biar kerenan dikit. Dia datang bersama seekor anaknya yang lucu. 130 more words


Bellie's Adoption Story

So, if you know anything about me, you know I love cats. Not kidding. Eric jokes that I only have four-legged friends on Instagram. Not gonna lie it’s kinda true!! 363 more words


Brothers, siblings and family

This is me in the middle of my two brothers, Kevin and Elijah.  I don’t know who is the oldest but Anders acts like the oldest.  300 more words


Found in the LOC: A Cat's Autobiography

While Found in the LOC is typically a collection of images found in the Library of Congress’ online archives, today’s is but a link and very brief excerpt to/from the 1901 book… 317 more words


Retrospective: Past Works, Part Eight

Past Works, Part 8: Illustration, 2007
Chandra S Sherin
March 22, 2018

I am particularly fond of this little cartoon I drew in 2007. It is about a beloved cat, no longer with us, who we called Boris. 240 more words