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Anime Review | The Ghosts of the Mind: Bakemonogatari

Author | Wandering Falcon

What matters more than the stories we tell ourselves? This week, dear readers, I would like to discuss one of my favourite anime: … 862 more words

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Do your cats like the summer heat too?

Have you ever seen that painting of a melting watch by Salvador Dalí? That’s what Pernod looks like these days. He is feeling hot and his face tells you so. 366 more words

Devon Rex

The Cat Story

My husband and I wanted to get cats for a long time but the apartment we lived in when we got married did not allow cats, so it wasn’t an option. 447 more words

For The Love Of Cats


My name is Speeky. My friend Judith has a family. Her family has
a cat. This is not unusual as you may know. Except that the cat’s name… 438 more words


Happy Canada Day!

my beautiful country is celebrating its birthday today and we hall have the day off work! Hooray! I love being not at work when no one else is there. 1,249 more words

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Time for a cat story

We had a minor cat drama last night. At 11.30pm youngest daughter comes down to our room to tell us that the Little Cat, known as Nina to some, Ploddy to others, and Mongolita to one unkind brute, has jumped out through the roof window and is fighting with Otto the big unloved Turkish Van cat. 437 more words

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