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Have you checked out the view from the TOP?

What cats have taught me about dealing with maggot infestations! (5) Mohanthal

Mohanthal was the sweet my mother always made for us to celebrate the festival of lights, Diwali, during November December. 656 more words

Diary Entry #8 - Locked Out


Naughty is my middle name. If I feel the house is too quiet, I’ll scream until the humans start talking. If it’s too still, I’ll run a marathon through the house jumping on doors and windows until the human gets up to stop me. 204 more words


The miniscule mystery about Step Mom!

When I was working in a newspaper, and office spats and scams began to curdle and crackle I usually sneaked out to the alley behind, where a friend of mine had 80 or a hundred strays on his roof, all cats. 325 more words

The Stray

I never grew up with cats. Never cared for cats. Never wanted to own one.

So, let me tell you about our cat.

Just before my children were introduced to puberty, I finally succumbed to the constant harangue for a pet. 1,658 more words


Diary Entry #6 - Scratchy Post Kingdom

The day of reckoning, a moment of truth, the key to mastery. 347 more words


Tilda the adventurous cat. Part 1 - Her story

Probably the goofiest and most adventurous member of our family is our cat, Tilda. It only seemed right for her to have an Instagram account. 597 more words

About The Third Day In Our Temporary Home

I want to write about my cat Shyna and the third day in our temporary home. At the time I write this, we are already here for five or six days, so, the reports about my cat are a little bit delayed. 387 more words

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