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In memories of Ah Beaw

This is the best cat I’ve ever had so far. Stayed with us for 6 long years, long enough considering the car accident he went through that… 106 more words


Harree & Lefty at the Vet

Jimmy took Harree and Lefty to the vet earlier today for some rechecks. Jimmy opened up both the carriers once inside the vets office, and then Harree did this:

Safety in numbers?


Knight of the Mirrors 4: Black Gold

Superman’s had a day. The Man’s Reach event erupted into a nightmare of fear and chaos. But no day is so bad that cable news can’t make it worse. 35 more words


The Artist Known as Kyray is in the House

Translation: the new chapter is here, and the long awaited A MAN’S REACH exhibit at the Gotham Museum of Art will soon begin.

Knight of the Mirrors: Idolum… 9 more words


Back to School: 3 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Start

By Rachel Ward, Chico State Social Media Intern

Welcome to Chico State!

If you’re a brand new student, welcome to Chico State! We’re so happy you chose us for college. 875 more words

'Cat Tales

Knight of the Mirrors 2: Putting It Together

“We’re going to need a protocol.  That wasn’t any Man of Steel going up to the Catitat, it was Clark the adorable, the dog person and the dork. 36 more words


International Cat Day

Somebody remind Bruce that it’s #InternationalCatDay. I’ll be at the British Museum with a certain Persian Tabby by George Edwards, 1709-1773.

It’s in the North Gallery. For now.