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HAHAHAHA! Jokes and Riddles Week Begins

It was my instant messenger.  Riddler set this system up for the “villain community” to keep in touch.

There they are, in the very first lines of the first Cat-Tale.

165 more words

"Maybe we’re entangled particles" Celebrating Couples that Are Meant To Be in the Cat-Tales Gallery

“Marry me.”  With those two words on the last panel of Batman 24, Tom King electrified social media as even non-niche publications like USA Today… 459 more words


Lady Willow Slendtail's Kitten Tales page three

These little one page Kitten tales really just came from the drawings. Some good, some bad but all fun to do.

Lady Willow Slendertail's Kitten Tales

Okay time for the new tales. These will be mostly single shots with some fun little drawings. Hope you folks like these.

Pearl Part 4: Tea and Larceny drops at Cat-Tales

Bruce asked for five days to perfect his cover.  But what exactly is he doing with them?

Expect cat burglar gadgets, America’s Cup racing, um, possibly a large Ming jar of the Xuende period… 12 more words


The Rental Inspection

Ahh, how I love a rental inspection. Nothing more uplifting and enjoyable than having a virtual stranger come into your humble home and check that you are not turning it into a crack den. 811 more words


That Hot Ivan Reis Catwoman Statue Drops Tomorrow @MidtownComics

A few months ago when our blog on A Catwoman Renaissance featured a smoking hot Balent-style Catwoman statue from Iron Studios, it was unclear if the breathtaking limited edition based on Ivan Reis would be available in the U.S. 55 more words