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'Cat Tales: Valentine's Day Edition!

By Jeff Barron, social media and photography intern

If you’re connected to Chico State on Facebook (and even if you’re not), there’s a good chance you’ve already seen our Valentine’s Day video. 181 more words

Chico State


Hell’s Kitchen is changing.  And since Gina O’Malley arrived on the scene, so is Matches Malone in The Neighborhood, Part III: Gentrification

Armed as he is with Batman’s physical prowess, mental discipline and genius for strategy, Matches could be a very successful criminal if he chose. 20 more words


A thought for cats and humans alike

Love is the joy of the good,

the wonder of the wise,

the amazement of the gods.

- Plato

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Until next time, 

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The World According To Coco

Back to Begging

     My cat is no longer sick! Not that I mentioned on here that she was sick. I meant to write a post but I forgot to. 95 more words

Miscellaneous Adventures

DZP Task #6: Completed

A few days ago, I posted my Day Zero Project list. Now that I’ve posted my list, I can begin updating you on what I’ve already completed. 117 more words


Fred's Paws

For probably more than a year, Fred has been suffering from a very minor health concern. He has been losing hair in spots on his feet. 495 more words