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Laverne wants in

After days staring into our cat paradise, Laverne has decided she wants inside.

I have to be fast, and sometimes shoo her away, in order to get inside.


Meet Laverne

Laverne waltzes around our neighborhood likes she owns the place.

She doesn’t hide from people…she walks right up and greets them.

Her confidence and strut made her seem like a bully.But actually, she is very sweet and friendly. 39 more words


The Divided City

What people are saying about the story so far:

Are the World’s Finest Heroes facing Luthor, Demon or both? The investigation that began at Gotham’s “A Man’s Reach” exhibit expands to both sides of The Divided City – but will it uncover the plot in time? 40 more words


Update on Harree November 2015

For past posts about Harree, you can go here.

Harree’s almost eight-year struggle with chronic kidney failure is closing in on the final stages. He’s already exceed expectations several times (they thought we were going to lose him seven years ago, for starters), and continues to do so. 476 more words


Surprising Cat Tales: Part 1

Carolyn’s Compositions



Below are 5 feline stories pulled from print media. Since I don’t have access to their pictures I’ve used cat photos from my photography archives to stand in for them. 786 more words

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Ice Cube Collapse & Stolen Seats

Harree is a big fan of ice cubes in his water bowl. Since Harree needs to drink as much water as possible for his condition, I like to toss ice into his favorite bowl (a bowl place in a pitcher, so it’s up really high). 67 more words


Cats are Jerks, Sometimes

As you may know, I wear my headphones a lot. I listen to podcasts when I’m working, walking or doing chores around the house. Podcasts make any boring task fun. 111 more words