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The Artist Known as Kyray is in the House

Translation: the new chapter is here, and the long awaited A MAN’S REACH exhibit at the Gotham Museum of Art will soon begin.

Knight of the Mirrors: Idolum… 9 more words


Back to School: 3 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Start

By Rachel Ward, Chico State Social Media Intern

Welcome to Chico State!

If you’re a brand new student, welcome to Chico State! We’re so happy you chose us for college. 875 more words

'Cat Tales

Knight of the Mirrors 2: Putting It Together

“We’re going to need a protocol.  That wasn’t any Man of Steel going up to the Catitat, it was Clark the adorable, the dog person and the dork. 36 more words


International Cat Day

Somebody remind Bruce that it’s #InternationalCatDay. I’ll be at the British Museum with a certain Persian Tabby by George Edwards, 1709-1773.

It’s in the North Gallery. For now.



It’s updates, updates, updates at Cat-Tales right now.

The new story, Knight of the Mirrors has finally begun.  Teased last week with a brief prologue that featured Bruce and Selina returning from a case on Wayne One, the story finally begins in earnest with Chapter 1: What Kind of Day Has It Been? 65 more words


Knight of the Mirrors

The cover, title and prologue have dropped on what promises to be an eventful Batman/Superman outing.  Whether the World’s Finest or Versus isn’t quite clear from he cover. 33 more words


Ivy's Holiday

This beautiful new addition to the Digital Art inspired by Cat-Tales and displayed in the fan galleries is based on events in Cat-Tales Blueprints

by CT’s original Poser artist Thundering Monkey.