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Cat-Tales Top 15, Part 4

It’s Part 4 of Cat-Tales’ Anniversary Countdown, and a steamy moment certain fans have been waiting for with less than a Zen Master’s patience has finally made the list. 6 more words


Cat-Tales Top 15, Part 3

Counting down the Top 15 Cat-Tales moments. It’s Part 3, have your favorites shown up yet?


Flashback: Kittens

Here’s a flashback from six years ago! Meredith had her kittens on March 26th, 2010. 

Meredith was so good to them. She had to have emergency surgery during labor, and they were pretty sure she wasn’t going to nurse the kittens. 31 more words


Breaking News: Batman/Superman Tale Concludes

Lex Luthor built an AI housed in a supercomputer-intersect to control the world’s news. Now, it’s in Joker’s hands.  Have a nice day.

The story concludes in… 7 more words


Cat Tales: Oh, Miles!

I wanted to share with you a few moments that happened recently that are representative of life with Miles (affectionately nicknamed chicken nugget due to his cowardice). 557 more words


Cat Photos: March Update

Here’s some recent cat photos from the Clowder….

Miles watching deer.

Fred: “Okay, mom, stop working and play a game already!”

Enjoying the sunshine.

Comforting snuggles from his siblings the day before his passing. 36 more words


New Species: The 'Lert

They’re everywhere. They come in all sizes, shapes and forms. Silently observing your every move, they follow your movements with covert laser-beam eyes and perky radar ears. 202 more words