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The Secret Life of Crime Chocolate

Pure Nacional Cacao, the thought-be-extinct chocolate we saw in NMK Inc is, as most of you know, a real thing.  Though associated with Ecuador, the trees that it turned out were still with us were found in the Marañón River Canyon of Peru, and it’s Peru that cultivated new trees from that precious stock to produce Fortunato No 4. 206 more words


New Chapter Drops Pearl Part 6: East End

Over in the Gotham Post, Batman scribe Tom King has said Bruce’s reaction to Selina’s answer will be… to do something illegal.

This is getting weird. 127 more words



A Batman/Catwoman Cat-Tales/DC Comics Infographic

Everyone is excited about Bruce’s proposal in Batman 24 and Selina’s answer hitting the comic shops today in Batman 32.  As HQ for what I’m fairly sure is the longest-running Batman/Catwoman series on the web, we here at Cat-Tales are also quite spectacularly excited…   Though it should be noted while others are exclaiming “It’s about damn time,” Cat-Tales readers (and its creator) are more apt to be heard murmuring “Well yes, of course, but… what took you so long?” 21 more words


All Paws on Deck

January – April 2017: Nukaat here. It’s been about two human years since I’ve blogged. So many cat naps got in the way. Far too many to count on all my paws, anyway. 530 more words


Inside the mind of Bruce Wayne in Cat-Tales: Pearl

“As soon as I feel that click of understanding, the box inside my mind unlocks and I begin integrating whatever I’ve learned into everything else I know. 94 more words


Electric shock

This for a class assignment editing two movies.

The context is the electric shock causes an explosion.

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