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New Cat-Tale Teases the Catwoman Heist Readers Have Been Waiting For

The World’s Greatest Detective marrying the World’s Greatest Thief. There are only a few ways this story can end. All of them involve a heist…  14 more words


Cat Tales

‘A long time ago, when life was tolerable, almost good, he had two cats that kept him company. How old was he? Seven? Eight? Before his father began to question the worth of his existence. 512 more words

Short Stories

Feline distractions post #1

Sometimes when I need to get something done, there’s just no getting it done. My two felines (Alfie and Lucky) are experts in the art of distraction. 157 more words


Cat Tales: An Anthology of Short Stories

Hooray, it’s publication day for Cat Tales: An anthology of short stories, with my tale included. It all started when author and blogger, Curtis Bausse… 368 more words



The thing about cats is that, well… they’re furry, aren’t they? Which is a good and a bad thing.

Good: because there’s nothing like stroking the smooth fur of an arching back for a taste of tactile pleasure. 781 more words

On Writing

A Sunflowery Weekend in Jakarta

Agent D added some colour to the weekend with a bouquet of my favourite sunflowers. He used to gift me with flowers every few weeks when we were dating but it has become more of a rarity of late. 196 more words

End of Year Report: Part 1

I have been a bit slack with my blogging so present you with my 4-part End of Year Report as we rapidly approach the end of 2016… 497 more words