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Time waits for no man (or woman)

Nine days without alcohol. The longest stretch I’ve has this year. Shouldn’t I be feeling good? Proud and pleased with myself? Full of beans and energy? 753 more words


So, I'm working on some posts for my Patreon page....

…..setting some of them up to go live at a later date.  I like setting up multiple posts this way, so that I’m sure my subscribers are getting fun things to look at. 330 more words


W is for Welfare

And so the A to Z approaches the end. I’ve brought you all the cool cats in Cat Tales, the anthology drawn from last year’s… 612 more words


V is for VIP

Specifically, the VIP wheelie bin store where meetings are held every Monday night, attended by the Stealthy Six: Felix, Tom, Missy, Cinnamon, Bamboo and Tiger. In  682 more words


U is for Ugbor

Standing on tiptoes, her arms and jaw resting on the frame, Elizabeth Ikhide looked out of the living room window of her parents’ apartment. It was a warm and tranquil Nigerian Wednesday morning on the BDPA estate. 466 more words


T is for Tricks

It was sunny for the first time in weeks. He enjoyed the warmth on his face, felt his shoulders relax and his arms swing and realised that for the first time in ages, he was happy. 675 more words


The Lady Willow and the comfy day

It has been such a long day.  The human kitten has been romping around, chasing me, grabbing me, messing up my fur and being a typical kit. 236 more words

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