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A to Z challenge

I’m doing the A to Z blogging challenge. Or rather, I’m not because I haven’t got time, so I’ve asked Smith instead. You remember Smith, don’t you? 449 more words


The James Joyce camel

My daughter has a Picasso on the sitting room wall. You’re wondering if it’s original? Why, every bit as original as the Cézanne I have at home. 436 more words

Short Story Competition

Erwan Le Goupil, The Real Gotham artist welcomed to the Cat-Tales Gallery

Cat-Tales is thrilled to welcome a new artist, Erwan Le Goupil, to the Solo Gallery with his striking Bat-Family Portrait: The Real Gotham.  Gallery assistant Sergio C. 657 more words


Cat-Tales Celebrates Anniversary with Book 6 Collection and

It’s Cat-Tales anniversary once again.  16 years since the first chapter dropped on A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation—and around 5-1/2 years since I stated openly that if I’d had any inkling what that would be the start of, it would have had a less unwieldy title.  241 more words


Cat Tales

If I knew what my cat knew I’d probably know all the secrets of life man. I have begun a new series of paintings featuring what I’m calling cat tales. 16 more words

Hippie Art

The Escape Artist

Via: Daily Prompt – Jiggle

Mickey’s spirit was contagious. When he was alive, he would keep our entire household occupied with his antics. Throughout the day, our emotions ran the gamut with admiration, contentment, joy, surprise, vigilance, apprehension, exasperation, submission – all according to how Mickey was behaving at the moment. 157 more words

Creative Writing

Teaching Batman to be a World-Class Cat Burglar - It Seemed Like a Good idea at the Time

Part 2 of the new Cat-Tales: Pearl has dropped, and it picks up right where we left off.  Selina is attempting to give Bruce a new cover identity, a more upscale chap, a thief on her level, who can move in criminal circles–and the high end art and jewelry circles–where Matches Malone wouldn’t make it past the doorman. 54 more words