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Dad sipped his cappuccino, and then licking his lips, he leaned over. ‘I have a mystery concerning Molly.’

A tram rattled past. How the three ladies in their designer clothes and ability to talk through their noses could hear their conversation, I’ll never know. 1,036 more words

Freckles The Tortie is 4 Months!!!

TIME FLIES. Freckles the lil’ girl is coming 4 months in two weeks time. In terms of cat years, I think she is nearing puberty?!! Though still very much a sweetheart, Freckles is becoming increasingly defiant (PMS!!). 496 more words

Good Vet in Jakarta for Canines and Felines: My Vets

A few days back, I brought Freckles for her first vaccination at My Vets clinic. This was her second visit to the vet within a month; her first visit was the day we got her, where she was dewormed. 392 more words

Our 3-Week Mark With Freckles

So it has been 3 weeks since we adopted the little girl, Freckles the kitty. She’s now 8+ weeks old and is longer, taller, heavier, and ROUNDER (*horror of horrors* she actually looks preggers at certain angles). 265 more words

Cute Cafe in Kuningan: Harlow Brasserie

Last Friday, I finally got to check out Harlow Cafe – an exciting new Brasserie concept located in Kuningan (lovin’ the fact that it’s just 10 minutes away from me!). 650 more words

Our First Weekend with 6-week Old Freckles

Our first weekend with Freckles the tortie was surprisingly less traumatizing (and sweeter) than expected. When I first brought my 2 dogs back home (on 2 separate occasions), they peed and shat ALL OVER the house — on the carpet, at the sofa, on the dining chair leg, beside the bed, in the toilet…EVERYWHERE & ANYWHERE POSSIBLE. 722 more words

Knight of the Mirrors released as Ebook

Knight of the Mirrors, the Batman-Superman story that explores how the Man of Steel would react to a Hollywood blockbuster akin to BvS: Dawn of Justice, is now available as an ebook and print-quality pdf.