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The Great Peep Migration: Part 2

Just a quick update on the migration of the Peeps. See this post for more info.

The herd seems to have migrated into the living room. 20 more words


Pretty Princess

she didn’t appreciate the ruckus I made while rearanging the house today lol. Poor Princess Lily can’t get a moment of peace and quiet


The Great Peep Migration

Thanks to the move, Jimmy and I have been organizing and purging a lot of items. This included our holiday collection. I found four stuffed “Peeps” that needed to be boxed up with the Easter decorations. 147 more words


Cat Profiles (Updated): Meredith

Name: Meredith (Source: Click here)

Alternate Names: Mama Meredith

Age: 6+ (estimated)

Origin/History: Showed up in our backyard during the winter of ’09-’10. We felt bad for her, so we began feeding her, and she eventually began living in the snowmobile hut. 416 more words


Cat Profiles (Updated): Harree

Name: Harree (Source: Previous owner)

Alternate Names: Harree Potter, Mr. Potter (when he’s in trouble), Harree Butters, Harree Bubbles,  Mr. Bubbles, Harree Buttbutt, Harold (his new name for when he is in trouble, given to him by the vet), Snugglebear… 361 more words


Cat Profiles (updated): Whisket

Name: Whisket (Source: the mishearing of the name my friend gave her when she was a tiny kitten)

Alternate Names: Piggy (she snorts like a big, and has stubby little legs), Whiskey, The Pig… 179 more words


Vivian and Phil

One of the last series of photographs with Vivian. Around a month before she passed, she was always under the sun, perhaps enjoying the heat that comforted her failing body. 58 more words

Black And White Photography