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Quick Tip & Pets - Cat Scratch Mat

My cats Rusty…

and Hans, love to sharpen their claws. This is not a good thing if it involves furniture or rugs. I’ve found a bit of catnip, a fibrous doormat, and a box of some kind makes a quick, easily moved, cat scratch mat. 87 more words

Quick Tip

Luvsome Brand Wet Cat Food and Bonus Cat Toys

Crowdtap sent me this awesome box of Luvsome products and I’m so happy with it! This has quickly become one of our favorite cat food brands of all time!  221 more words


Best Cat Toys of 2016

Best Interactive Toy: Cat Catcher Wand

Go Cat Cat Catcher Teaser Wand with Mouse Cat Toy – Gold Glitter Wand

This toy is amazing.  My cat, Frankie, is captivated anytime I take it out to play with him, and he even climbs my bookcase to get to the shelf where it rests.   767 more words


5 Awesome Cat Toys your Cat will Love

If you have owned a cat for any period of time you know that cats love to play. Whether its batting around something they found on the ground or pouncing on a ball, cats love to play around. 823 more words

Oh no ... pussy cat

Discovered my little water vole i had made, tossed into a corner looking like it had gone thru 10 rounds with something a lot bigger .. 11 more words


5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Ah! Christmas is just around the corner and I am still shopping! I am so thankful for online shopping because it snowed over a foot at our home yesterday and the thought of getting out and shopping in sub zero temperatures did not sound like fun. 389 more words