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The Crazy Ones

My cat brought me a toy. I thanked her and threw it. She sat there gave me a look that made me realize people and dogs are the crazy ones. ― Dan Harmon


a russian blue called leia

This is what has been distracting me during the MMMay16 challenge, our new little Russian Blue kitten! She is my birthday present, and I just love her! 302 more words


Rusty Has A New Toy (video)

Rusty belongs to the “Exotic Shorthair” breed – “Exotic,” for short.  In “layman’s” terms, he’s also called a “short haired Persian”; however, the two breeds are recognized separately by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). 155 more words


Every Cat Loves A Cat Tunnel Toy

Every cat needs a place where they cat rest, relax…attack and scramble. That’s why the 3-way Cat Tunnel Toy by Premium Choice Products is perfect! 187 more words

Home Goods

Fit and Fancy Cat Wand, Unless Your Cats are Lazy

Do your cats like to play? Do they get attracted to bright color feathers and fun bells? If so, I found the perfect cat toy for them. 173 more words

Cat Dancer Charmer Cat Toys Set Offered by nemarc

Cat Dancer Charmer Cat Toys Set Offered by nemarc

My cats love this toy! I have never met a cat who doesn’t enjoy chasing feathered toys on a string so this is a great toy for everyone. 131 more words

Product Review

Pinterest in Real Life - Fleece Dog Toy

If you’re a crafter like me, you always have left over fabric. Instead of throwing it away because it’s too short to use on bigger projects, I recycle them. 114 more words

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