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Friday Maniac

Our latest idiot cat. Hannibal, an overly friendly Burmese cat (all Burmese cats are super-affectionate) being looked after by our neighbour for a few months. If there’s anything higher than him, he MUST go to the top of it!


Feline Relaxation

Today was lovely a much needed day to do nothing more than eat, chill, and be lazy makes me wonder if all days are like this for our feline friends, certainly seems like it sometimes lol…

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Tiggy's Thanksgiving reminder:

Make sure to wipe the gravy off your chin.

Thanksgiving II: Turkey Day

It’s officially Turkey day and I’m definitely thankful for so much.

We spent the day at Loss’ family’s house and quite enjoyed our time with everyone. 185 more words


In the garden 

In the gardenIt’s cold outside, while doing last minute cleaning in the garden, found some hidden treasure 🙂

While most of summer vegetables gone, garlic, radishes and peppers doing well. 8 more words

Happy Thanksgiving!

I figured I would take the time to write a blog post about what I am thankful on this day where we are supposed to truly appreciate what we have in life. 245 more words