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Any idea

So … any idea what this might be?

Well … 2 paws and a tail resting …
after a good day’s play with my little girl Annie.



This here is my ornamental cat..

She catches no mice, never goes outside, MUST be throughly combed and brushed 2x a day and eats like a spoiled princess… and loves Drinking water from the fish tank.. 26 more words


one tail ... two tails

People who know our rescue will know that we have a pretty firm policy of only rehoming kittens in pairs. It’s less daunting to go with a play mate, and more fun, and more cats find safe loving homes that way. 463 more words

Cat Rescue

The Boorrito

Our resident philosopher enjoys exploring new places to sleep or observe more than any of our other cats.



I think she looks so cute here, stretching out on the sofa. This was yesterday. She likes bending her body. Sometimes I wonder how comfortable it is… 28 more words

How to list all users in Linux.

How to list all users in Linux:
1.  You can use either cat, less, more commands to view the /etc/passwd file which shows system access and privileges. 27 more words
Linux Commands


Wishing everyone a lovely weekend! In today’s picture I tried messing around a little with markers instead of watercolors. Thoughts? Personally I prefer the look of watercolor, but markers photoedit better on the computer by far. 45 more words