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Ninja Verne

 Either Hannibal is color blind or the person who colors the strip. We turn these in in black and white. Someone at the syndicate colors them.


Comic Commentary

A Hair Care Prose I Suppose

Caring for ones appearance requires an adherence to a good tongue licking. To Keep hair from sticking and in it’s place start with the face.  Apply a little spit onto your mitt, and buff in a circular motion. 253 more words


Animals | Leopard Portrait

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Description from photographer if any:

By HishamAtallah

Source: 500px.com


The 4 Stocks That Dominated the Dow on Thursday

October 8, 2015: Markets opened lower on Thursday but buying in the energy and materials sectors kept stocks near the break-even line until the FOMC minutes were released. 302 more words


Animals | nature

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amur leapord in mixed morning lite.

By strock

Source: 500px.com


Friday Updates II (The Week of Ridiculous)

Last week was thoroughly ridiculous, and I thought you may enjoy some of the stories in this series of ridiculous events. So here’s a glimpse of a week in the life – 804 more words