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Xcode 11 is available from the App Store and direct download

The newest Xcode, bringing support for iOS 13 and MacOS Catalina, is out. It has been released on the App Store and as a separate direct download. 21 more words


Changing security makes privacy protection confusing

All this security and privacy stuff was going to be so simple, according to the presentations at WWDC this year. To quote Robert Kendall-Kuppe in session 703: 898 more words


3 ani de nănășie

Mulțumesc, minune minunată! Să mi te țină Doamne Doamne mulți, frumoși și sănătoși ani! Și să mă bucuri și pe mine prin tine!

PS: Sper ca weekendul ăsta să facem o pozăăăăă! 6 more words


Is a VM a good answer for running 32-bit apps in Catalina?

Before the arrival of Catalina, relatively few Mac users needed to run an older version of macOS in a Virtual Machine (VM). It’s a standard tool for security researchers, and for many developers, but of little advantage to others – until Catalina drops support for 32-bit software, that is. 751 more words


Autumn Falling

Autumn falls quickly

But some pockets of summer

Keep the sun alive



A Consolidated PBY Catalina takes off at Wings Over Wairarapa airshow, New Zealand, 2009.


If you're still running Sierra, what do you do next?

Sierra has to have been one of the best recent major versions of macOS. With the exception of one major bug in the scheduling of automatic Time Machine backups, which wasn’t fixed until High Sierra, for a great many Macs and their users it was largely trouble-free. 701 more words