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Sheninger: Teacher Accountability Through a New Lens

Reposted from A Principal’s Reflections:

The structure and function of the majority of schools in this country is the exact opposite of the world that our learners are growing up in.   381 more words

The Other Side of the Coin

Given that the magic system in my new world is based on humans acting as Catalysts it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that some humans (and possibly animals) are able to have the opposite effect. 549 more words


Q&A with Richard Riggs, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

This is an extract from the 2015 LEIF Global Corporate Venturing Brief on Advanced Materials, which will be presented at an invitation-only conference in London on March 26th, and published soon thereafter by Global Corporate Venturing. 1,159 more words

Venture Capital

There's Magic in Everything

No new fantasy world be complete without its own magic system and this one is no exception. This system attempts to explain why wizards have a thing for cloaks and strange powders but it has yet to account for staffs, wands and pointed hats. 634 more words


Connectivity & Convergence: Core Catalysts for Innovation Impacting All of Humanity

Connectivity & Convergence: Core Catalysts for Innovation Impacting All of Humanity

The core catalysts of innovation impacting all of humanity are connectivity and convergence, the theme of Frost & Sullivan’s Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) 2015: Europe. 628 more words

Cheap Oil Prices, Not Good for Bioethylene

I’m worried about the impact that low oil prices will have on the production of bioethylene and bioplastics. Bioethylene is made from sugars. Currently, ethane, a component of natural gas, serves as a bigger source of the gas ethylene (C2H2), while most of the world production is based on the cracking of large petroleum molecules. 524 more words

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