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2017 Global Emission Control Catalysts Sales Market Report

24 Market Reports provides a complete data analysis of Global Emission Control Catalysts Sales Market Report 2017 with Market value, Sales, Price, Industry Analysis and Forecast with the help of Industry Experts. 370 more words

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Ecocatalysis: Harnessing Phytoextraction for Chemical Transformations

By Karlee Bamford, Treasurer for the GCI

What is ecocatalysis? I had never heard this term before until reading a recent publication from Grison and coworkers in the RSC journal… 783 more words

Green Chemistry

The All-NBA Accessory Team: Iconic Player Contributions to On-Court Swag

Part of what makes the NBA great is the abundance of individuality. The players are given the freedom to express themselves both on and off the court in ways not many sports leagues cater to. 1,937 more words


Green Chemistry Principle #9: Catalysis

By Alex Waked, Member-At-Large for the GCI

9. Catalytic reagents (as selective as possible) are superior to stoichiometric reagents.

In Video #9, Lilin and Jamy discuss the advantages of catalytic reagents over stoichiometric reagents. 474 more words

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Cheap catalysts turn sunlight and carbon dioxide into fuel

Researchers have long dreamed of imitating photosynthesis, by using solar energy to make hydrocarbon fuel from CO2 and water. Now, a cheap chemical catalyst… 432 more words


Flying Under The Radar: Dennis Smith Jr.

It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers have been dwelling at the bottom of the NBA for the last four years. With the last winning season dating all the way back to 2013, the Lakers have been living in the lottery ever since, praying for ping pong balls to bounce in their favor seemingly every year. 687 more words


Spotlight: Julius Randle Is Poised For A Breakout Year

Many believe, both within the Lakers organization and the fanbase, that Julius Randle is one of the more significant pieces that will help bring the Lakers back to its former glory. 673 more words