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Margaret Thomson Tweedale – Tom’s youngest sister. She was born in 1884 and passed away in 1979.  She and Tom were very close. In 1920, after working as a school teacher for fifteen years, she married a Scottish born Great War Veteran named William Tweedale. 8 more words

Tom Thomson

Only unproven.

In this project, we will explore the less-documented times in Thomson’s life. Using real places and events as a jumping off point we delve into the idea of how memory and conjecture can create alternative, but not necessarily false, only unproven, narratives. 28 more words

Tom Thomson

The Rise of True Fiction.

The Rise of True Fiction

Some of the best new films and books live between genres

read the full article here: True fiction.

Tom Thomson

Fact. Fiction. Fraud.

Does context or intent determine which is which?

Tom Thomson

The mind is not a mirror.

“The Gestaltists set out to prove that the process of seeing alters the world we observe. Like Immanuel Kant, their philosophical precusor, they argued that much of what was thought of as being  121 more words

Tom Thomson


I’m feeling like I finally belong in my space… even if it’s a space that doesn’t really belong a majority of other places. It’s my space. 1,032 more words



Catalysts are vital instruments of the chemical industry that essentially speed up reactions by providing a different reaction pathway with a lower activation energy whilst not being used up in the reaction, not only does this mean that we can perform reactions faster (for example iron used in the Haber process to make ammonia) and perform reactions in different (less costly/dangerous) conditions but it also means we can complete reactions that would otherwise not be possible, leading to a clear importance within not just industry but society as a whole. 995 more words