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Catalysts are vital instruments of the chemical industry that essentially speed up reactions by providing a different reaction pathway with a lower activation energy whilst not being used up in the reaction, not only does this mean that we can perform reactions faster (for example iron used in the Haber process to make ammonia) and perform reactions in different (less costly/dangerous) conditions but it also means we can complete reactions that would otherwise not be possible, leading to a clear importance within not just industry but society as a whole. 995 more words


U of Wisonsin-Madison: Researchers Invent a Metal-Free Fuel Cell: Molecular vs. 'Solid' Catalyst: Why that's Important

The development of fuel cell technology has been hamstrung by the need for expensive and difficult-to-manufacture catalysts like platinum, rhodium or palladium. But a team of researchers from the… 243 more words


5 Tips for Using Vinylester Resin

1. Vinylester Resin requires 2% MEK-P every time it is used in order to cure properly.
2. The maximum heat temperature is 220°F. 41 more words
Fiberglass Coatings

Catalysts - See In The Dark Single Review

Up and coming Sheffield Indie band Catalysts have recently released their debut single See In The Dark and it’s a bloody cracker!

Usually I’m not into the whole indie vibe because frankly, it bores me but Catalysts new single really spoke to me. 214 more words


Researchers Study How Metal Contamination Makes Gasoline Production Inefficient

Scientists at SLAC and Utrecht University have identified key problems in the crude oil refining process in an effort to increase the production yield of gasoline. 154 more words