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Be a Challenger - or be roadkill

This is the first guest post from Hilton Barbour – independent Marketing Provocateur – lending his insight into Challenger Brand thinking and how this applies to changing paradigms in retail. 732 more words


Let me tell you a story...

Story telling is the Thing Of The Moment in marketing and branding.

The chance to build customer loyalty by opening up the business with a coherent, purposeful, narrative. 822 more words


A kitchen bin, a watch and what this means for behavioural change

Moving my kitchen bin has taught me a valuable lesson about marketing.

And it’s time that I shared it with you. 864 more words


Are you prepared for 'Now'?

Forget all of the other C-models that you might have heard in relation to marketing or advertising.

I’ve got three that will make or break you. 407 more words


Firestarting marketing. Are you ready to create the future?

The future of marketing is going to look very different to how it looks now.

The question is – are you ready to design and create it? 770 more words


Are you wasting time on Twitter?

I was.

I know I was. But scheduling some of my content got me out of that deep, dark hole.

Before you roll your eyes and denounce me as having gone to the dark, soul-less side of the Twitter-verse, give me five minutes of your time. 803 more words


Wants vs needs

What do you want? What do you need?

As marketers, our job is to sell stuff to people. They might not know that they want it yet, but we’re going to make them buy it. 239 more words